Signs She Is Hiding Her Feelings For You (w/ Confession Tips!)

Do you suspect that the woman you are seeing has feelings for you but is holding back?

Lucky for you, there are a number of signs that you can learn about to be able to make a sure determination. 

It’s no secret that most women are not very straightforward when it comes to telling their crushes how they feel about them, which is why it’s important to be able to read in between the signs for any possibility that a girl likes you. 

If a woman constantly laughs at your jokes, keeps tabs on you, flirts over text, and is constantly seeking your opinion, then she probably likes you but is hiding it. The faster you recognize these signs, the easier it becomes to make a decision on whether to shoot your shot or not.

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Signs She is Hiding Her Feelings For You
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Are you wondering whether your dream girl likes you or she’s just toying around with your feelings? In this section, you’ll find out different ways to know whether she likes you. 

1. Positive Body Language

As much as she may try to hide her feelings, her body language will speak otherwise. If she likes you, she may draw circles on the ground while you talk, she’ll even play with her hair, or hold your hand. If you weren’t sure if it’s the right time to approach her, then you have your sign right there.

2. She Laughs At Your Silly Jokes

Everybody, including your friends and family, knows that your jokes suck. Amazingly, this girl seems to laugh at all of them. The jokes still aren’t funny, but she doesn’t want to embarrass you because she has feelings for you. Now make your move!

3. She Remembers Everything

Weirdly, this girl you got your eyes on will forget where she placed her makeup bag. But, she won’t forget every detail of your conversations. She’ll remember your brother’s birthday, your parent’s wedding anniversary and so many other details that seem unimportant to you.

4. She Flirts Over Text

Admittedly, most girls are shy when you meet but can be flirty over texts. If you realize that your dream girl is openly flirty on text but becomes shy when you meet, this is a sign that she has feelings for you.

5. Checking On You Regularly

Does she regularly check on you? Does she send you a message each morning to know how you slept? Probably even another text in the evening to know how your day was? Yes, she likes you and is eagerly waiting for you to approach her.

6. Her Friends Know All About You

If she talks about you with her friends and all they talk about are good things, then this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. You’ll know if she talks about you with her girlfriends if by chance you meet them and they’re like, “Is this the guy you’ve been telling me about?” or “She’s been talking about you a lot, pleased to meet you finally!”

7. She Smiles A lot

If you notice that the girl you’ve been spending a lot of time with smiles a lot around you, she likes you. From my experience, girls smile a lot when they are around guys they like to create a warm environment.

8. She Looks You Straight In The Eye

A girl who’s hiding her feelings will look you straight in the eye while you’re talking. However, she’ll look away whenever you look at her. Yes, you guessed it right! She’s shy, but she likes you already

9. She Wants To Hear Your Opinion

A woman who is in love will seek the opinion of the guy she likes before doing anything. You’ll receive calls asking which color of lipstick would look good on her. She might even send you photos of some shoe she’s indecisive about on eBay. Well, this is enough to sign that she wants you in her life.

10. You Seem To Bump Into Her Accidentally Often

It’s not a coincidence that she shows up at your favorite coffee shop and at around the same time you go there. Yes, she comes so that she can see you. If this is the confirmation you needed, then take it and run with it. Get that girl!

11. Shares Personal Information

I haven’t met a girl who shares personal information with people they don’t like and trust. If she tells you about her parents, who recently got a divorce, or an exam she failed on campus, then she likes you.

12. She Tends To Apologize A lot

You’ve not met anyone who apologizes a lot as she does. This lady even apologizes for stuff you don’t even notice. The thing is, she doesn’t want to screw things up with you. Being around you makes her so nervous that she even behaves strangely.

13. She’s Overprotective Of You

If you notice that she is jealous of any other ladies who talk to you, then boy, this girl likes you. If she keeps getting angry or even putting off any other women who try to speak to you, then ask her for a real date.

14. She Keeps Tabs On Your Social Media

A girl who likes you will watch all your videos, engage with your posts, and even talk about it later when you meet. If she is waiting for your move, she may like all your Instagram photos all in a bid to get your attention. Wait no further, approach this woman, she’s in love with you.

15. Always There When You Need Her

Whether you have a football match coming up or you have your scholarship test soon, she’ll support you fully. This girl will be the first to send you a message wishing you success. She’ll take care of you if you catch a cold and even check on you almost every minute. Is there such a girl in your life? Don’t wait anymore; she is yours for the taking.

Is She Hiding Her Feelings or Just Uninterested?

Finding out whether the girl you’re in love with is disinterested or simply hiding her feelings is daunting. This section helps you know your position in her life. 

There is no denying that dating in the 21st Century has become rather complicated. Most people don’t want to get hurt and as a result, tend to hold their cards close to their hearts. 

Girls, in particular, are hardly direct when they like someone, and prefer to drop subtle hints instead. This makes it hard to tell if a girl really likes you or us just being polite. It makes it even harder to tell if you still have a shot with her or if she’s just trying to let you down gently. 

While it is important to know the signs when a girl is holding back, it is even more important to know when she’s simply not interested in you. Most men argue that there is nothing like the thrill of the chase. Sadly though, many men have at one point in time wasted their energy chasing after a woman who has absolutely no interest in them. Admittedly, when a guy has fallen hard for a woman, it is extremely hard to know when to bow out of the chase gracefully.

You don’t have to be that guy though. There are several tell-tale signs to look out for to determine when a girl doesn’t like you. If a girl constantly reminds you that you are just friends, always has plans whenever you suggest a date, or responds to your messages extremely late, then she probably doesn’t like you.

1. Friendly Reminders

Does your crush bring up your friendship a lot? I hate to break it to you, but it’s probably because she does not see you as anything more than a friend. If she constantly introduces you to others as a friend and tells you how good a friend you are, then that’s exactly how she feels about you. 

Guys tend to get confused by this one and think that they need to make their intentions clearer. Sadly, it’s not that she’s not picking up on your intentions. She is just reinforcing hers.

2. She is The Busiest Girl in The World

Quick question, how easy is it to make plans with your crush? Does she always have a reason not to hang out? And when she does finally agree to make plans, does she always find an excuse to cancel last minute? 

A girl who likes you will make time for you and if she has to cancel, she will probably reschedule. If your crush keeps canceling plans repeatedly, you probably need to cut the chase, literally.

3. Delays in Messaging

According to Psychology Today, texting now plays a huge role in modern relationship formation and maintenance than it did in the past. This means that your text messages are a great place to look out for signs that she doesn’t like you.

While it may not be wise to overanalyze messages, perhaps you should look at her texting habits wholesomely. Does she leave you on “read” for days on end? Are you always the one initiating the conversation? Does she give you one-word answers? Is she contributing nothing to the conversation? All these are indications that a girl probably just doesn’t like you. A woman who’s interested in you will constantly check up on you and will not be afraid to initiate conversation.

4. Touch Barrier

One sure way to know if a woman genuinely likes you and is comfortable around you is by how willing she is to break the touch barrier. When a woman likes you, she invitingly touches you on places like your arm, shoulder, or knee.

On the other hand, a woman who doesn’t like you will deliberately avoid any and all physical touch. In fact, when you get too close, she will most likely edge away or look uncomfortable. 

5. Indifference To Compliments

How does your crush respond when you give her a compliment? Does she shrug it off or change the subject? 

Does she respond vaguely when you make suggestive comments?

If you can’t seem to get clear answers from a woman even when you’re being direct, it could be a sign that she’s letting you down slowly.

6. She Never Reaches Out

Are you always reaching out or initiating a conversation? The general rule is that mutual interest requires mutual effort. If you notice that the girl you like will hardly ever talk to you unless you reach out first, then it’s probably time to see the situation for what it is. 

7. She Insists On Tagging A Friend Along

Does the girl you like insist on turning your dates into a group affair? It’s possibly because she doesn’t like you enough to be willing to spend intimate one-on-one time with you.

8. She Asks You For Dating Advice

If your crush is constantly coming to you for advice on other romantic interests that she’s pursuing, then it’s quite clear that she only views you as a friend and has no romantic feelings for you. You may want to be upfront about your feelings for her and make it clear that you are looking to be something more than just friends with her.

Now that you are able to tell the difference between a girl who likes you but is holding back and a girl who is simply not interested, perhaps we should explore why women tend to hide their feelings. 

The main reason why girls hide their feelings is because of fear of rejection or feeling that the man ought to make the first move. A girl may also hide her feelings for you if she is yet to heal from previous relationships or is simply not ready to enter into a new relationship.

Below are several reasons why a girl hides her feelings:

1. Men ought to make the first move

While we are in the 21st century, some traditional rules such as this one are hard to shake off. Simply put, some women prefer if the guy makes the first move. So if you’re sure a girl likes you but is holding back, perhaps you need to make your move, now!

2. The Fear of Rejection

This one applies to both men and women. Both genders may tend to hold back because they are afraid of rejection. Or as a result of past traumas. So, your crush might be holding back simply because she feels the need to protect herself from heartbreak in case you don’t feel the same way about her. 

3. She Does not Want a Relationship

Complex, right? But this is a painful truth for 21st-century dating. While your crush might have feelings for you, she could also be holding back because she does not want to be tied down in a relationship. There is only one way to know for sure, ask her where her mind is at!

4. She Does Not Want to Rush Into A Relationship

On the other hand, your crush may be willing to date you, just not now. She’s probably rushed into relationships before and it did not work so well. She is probably holding back because she does not want to make the same mistake twice. 

5. She Is Not Over Her Ex

A girl may be holding back from expressing her feelings for you because she is yet to heal from the trauma of her previous relationship. Emotionally intelligent girls will probably not want to enter into a new relationship with emotional baggage from their former relationship.

6. She Genuinely Acts Reserved

It’s possible that the reason why a girl appears to be hiding her feelings for you is that she acts that way naturally. Generally, if this is the case, she will most likely be willing to open up to you once you have expressed interest in her. 

7. She Thinks You’re Unavailable

Have you made it expressly clear that you are single? A girl could be hiding her feelings from you simply because she thinks you are not available.

8. She’s Afraid Of Hurting You

Probably because she’s not sure of whether or not the feelings will last, a girl may hide her feelings from you to avoid hurting you in the long run. 

It’s possible to make a girl confess her feelings using tactical methods. Here are some of the ways you can make her say “I love you” without forcing it.

To increase your odds, use “The Obsession Method” and “Make Her Crave You” techniques.

There is nothing more exhilarating than finding out that the person you like feels the same way about you. While the best way to get a girl to tell you her feelings is by asking her, there are several other things you can do to nudge her into admitting them like spending quality time with her or even sending her cute messages. 

1. Have An Honest Conversation With Her

Cliche, right? Regardless, this is the oldest trick in the book. Most women don’t appreciate games when their hearts are involved. So if you want to know how a girl feels about you, straight up ask her. Set up a date, make your feelings known, and ask her if she feels the same way. Zero hustle and guaranteed results.

2. Spend Time With Her

By spending more time with her, you will be able to get to know her much better and even learn crucial things about her like her love language, her communication style, what makes her sad, etc. This way, you will be able to know what to do to get in her good graces. Find out what she likes doing and spend time doing that. Further, let her know that you genuinely care to make it easy for her to convey any feelings that she might have for you.

3. Maintain Seamless Communication

To ensure she does not doubt your feelings for her, make sure you maintain seamless communication. This is easy. Call when you say you will and communicate in advance if you can’t. Ask her about her day and find out if she got home okay. Girls are suckers for consistency, especially when it comes to communication.

4. Send Her Cute Messages

In line with tip 3 above, you may also want to send your crush cute messages just to remind her you’re thinking about her. On top of normal everyday communication, girls genuinely like to be shown just how special they are. You can also use the “Magnetic Messaging” formula to speed up the process.

Here are some ideas for cute messages for her:

  1. Good morning sunshine, have a lovely day.
  2. Hey babe, I hope this cute message leaves a smile on your beautiful face.
  3. Hello cutie, you rock my world, and meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me.
  4. Good evening my love, did you know that you brighten up my days?

5. Make Her Feel Comfortable

Ensure you create a safe space around yourself such that she is able to be herself whenever she is around you. Avoid pushing the ‘do you like me’ conversation if she appears not to be ready for it. Once she is completely comfortable around you, she will waste no time in telling you exactly how she feels.

6. Ask Her Friends For Help

Look for friends who seem to have an influence on her and have a nice open talk with them. If she is feeling confused about confessing her feelings for you, a little persuasion from some of her best friends might just do the trick. 


Despite reading all the signs highlighted above and applying the tips, it is important to remember to respect a woman’s boundaries. You must be prepared to accept it if a girl tells you she doesn’t like you in return. If you continue to persist, you only come off as socially inept, and a stalker at worst. 

Remember to respond to rejection with maturity and compassion both for yourself and the girl who does not feel the same way about you.

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