How to Tell Someone You Like Them Over Text (13 Ways!)

Telling someone that you like them can be daunting. My heart is already thumping fast just thinking about it.

However, the good news is that it is not nearly half as mortifying if you do it over text. You can hide behind the screen so that they don’t see how nervous you actually are or how you’re biting your nails every second that they haven’t yet replied.

It’ll also give you the chance to be much more confident and say exactly what you want to say without putting the other person on the spot. They can take their time and let you know if they feel the same way. Here are the top 13 ways to do so over text!

13 Ways to Tell Someone You Like Them Over Text

1. Lead Up to It

Telling someone that you like them is a big deal. It isn’t something that you can casually just mention in the middle of a conversation. Create a momentum and build up to the perfect moment when you can finally tell them.

The best way to lead up to it is by flirting with them. Tell her you think she’s cute or pretty and if it’s a boy, then handsome or hot. That way, you are dropping hints so that they aren’t fully taken by surprise when you reveal your feelings.

2. Choose the Right Moment

Telling someone that you like them is not just something you say in the middle of the day. It needs to be done at the right moment. Be observant to see the schedule of your crush’s day, what time are they usually free and relaxed? Use that to your advantage and break the news then.

You don’t want to be texting them while they’re at the office or gym. You should have their full attention before breaking the news to them. If you two are in the middle of a flirty conversation and you think it’s the perfect moment, don’t hesitate to just say it; you’ll thank yourself later!

3. Plan What You’re Going to Say

When you finally tell someone that you like them, you want it to be perfect. It shouldn’t be boring and lame like, “I like you”. Instead, it should be personalized and special. Chances are that they’ll remember it for a long time after, so you don’t want to go wrong with it.

Before sending out the text think a little bit about what you’re going to say. For instance, saying something like, “So I think you’re really cute and I kinda like you” is a great text to send. It’s not generic and you’re keeping the tone casual so that the other person doesn’t completely freak out.

4. Be Honest and Bold With Them

Instead of using pickup lines that you may have read on the internet or seen on a TV show, be completely honest and genuine with them. You’ll be surprised to know that most of the times that’s all it takes.

There’s no need to use any fancy language, just open up to your crush telling them how you really feel and why you like them.

The problem with trying to copy something instead of being original is that they’ll probably be able to see right through it and it could put them off as they may think your messing with them. So don’t play any games and just be honest with them. Give yourself a pep talk before doing so and just be confident. Confidence is sexy and everyone’s attracted to someone who knows what they want!

5. Use Direct Language

Sometimes, if you indirectly tell someone you like them, they may not take you seriously. They may feel that you’re just flirting with them or that you’re playing games. Therefore, you should be a hundred percent direct when telling them that you like them.

That way, there’s no room for any confusion and you know you’ve got the message across. You literally have to squeeze the words “I like you” in if you want them to know it.

6. Start By Telling Them You Have to Tell Them Something

Some people like to be prepared about such things beforehand. You should gauge your crush’s temperament and see what type they are. Would they want to be prepared before you surprise them with such news?

If you’re feeling extra nervous, this could be helpful for you to. Start by telling them that you have something to tell them and that you’re feeling anxious about it. This way, they’ll be able to take you seriously when you tell them and they’ll also be able to emphasize with you and help you feel calmer.

7. Ask Them Out

Kill two birds with one stone; if you’re going to be brave why not go all the way? When telling them that you like them, slip in the question of whether or not they would like to go on a date with you.

By doing that, you can gauge their response and see how they feel towards you. You can say something like, “Hey, I kinda like you and was wondering if you’d like to go on a date with me sometime?” This will prevent the conversation from becoming awkward and at least you’ll know your answer, either way!

8. Give Them An Out

The last thing that you want to do when you tell someone you like them is scare them away. Let’s face it, it can be quite overwhelming to hear that someone likes you and you don’t feel the same way, so it could even get super awkward.

A gentle and respectful way to tell them would be to give them an out. Just because you like them doesn’t mean they are obligated to like you back and they shouldn’t feel any kind of pressure. Saying something like, “I don’t know about you but I know that I like you and would want to go on a date with you. It’s totally cool if you don’t feel the same way, there’s no pressure. I just thought I’d share my feelings.” In this way, you’re making them feel comfortable enough to tell you the truth while being brave and mature.

9. Test the Waters

If you’re unsure of how and when to tell someone you like them over text, test the waters. See what mood they’re in and how they’re responding to you. Throw out some flirty texts and take it on from there.

If it leads to good banter, take your chances and go for it. If you feel that they’re not responding to them and taking time to reply, take the hint and choose another moment. By testing the waters, you’re basically conducting an indirect trial run before doing the actual deed.

10. Use a Meme/Gif For Support

If you’re really freaking out, you can use a meme or gif for support. There are a bunch of memes and gifs available so just pick one that says ‘I like you’ or something to that affect. However, don’t just rely on the meme.

This is important because they may think the meme/gif is just a joke and that would defeat the purpose. Send out the meme/gif and add something such as, “But no for real, I do like you *add their name*” They’ll have a good laugh but take it seriously as well.

11. Use It As a Question

If you’re not feeling bold enough to throw it out there, ask it as a question. Say something like, “What would you say if I told you I liked you?” You are making your feelings pretty obvious without directly saying it first.

Depending on what they reply, you can further go on. If you get a positive reply, then you can gather the courage and tell them that it’s true and that you actually do like them.

12. Use Emojis

This is just one of those many times when emojis come to our rescue. If you feel that the text message is looking too serious, add some fun emoticons to lighten it up. Take your pick; there are flowers, hugs, kisses, hearts and lots more to choose from.

I would recommend using the one with the monkey covering his mouth to create drama. Adding hearts and kisses may be too cheesy and too soon. However a rose emoji to go with it may just be perfect.

13. Have a Back-Up Plan

This may sound unnecessary but it’s highly essential that you think of one before you send that text. Mentally prepare yourself for rejection so that you don’t end up heartbroken in case they say no.

It is also important so that in case they do say no, you have something diplomatic to say. It might be hard for you to think of something at that moment, so it’s best that you prepare for it beforehand. An example would be, “No worries, everything happens for the best and I hope we can remain friends”. You are being respectful of their response and handling it in a mature manner instead of coming off as rude or aggressive.