15 Female Signs of Flirting (Check if She is Flirting with You?)

Deciphering whether a woman is flirting with you or just being friendly is one of the hardest things to do. There’s a thin line between the two, so you really can’t blame yourself for not knowing which one it is.

According to Jill Sherer Murray, an award-winning writer, and TEDx speaker, who studies relationships and self-growth, the way that a person directs the conversation sets the tone between friendliness and flirtatiousness. “People who are flirting don’t limit their conversations to the weather,” she says.

15 Signs a Woman is Flirting with You

Here’s the deal, it’s not just the content of the conversation that indicates whether she’s flirting or not. But, there are multiple other top female signs of flirting that you should know about:

1. She Will Make Prolonged Eye Contact With You

Eye contact is one of the most obvious ways to tell if a girl is flirting with you. If she goes a step further and holds it for longer than she would with anyone else, then it’s a clear indication that she’s interested in you. It’s a sign that she finds you attractive and is trying to build a connection, so men, please open up your eyes and take the hint!

2. She’ll Touch You While She Talks

Touch is a powerful flirtation tool. If you find that she’s finding various ways to touch you while she’s talking, it means that she’s flirting with you. Let’s face it; no one does that in a platonic relationship. This kind of touch can include anything from an ‘accidental’ arm graze or brushing their legs past yours.

If it happens more than once, you know it’s on purpose and definitely not an accident. This kind of touch depicts their attraction towards you, something that they may not be able to control.

3. Notice Her Body Language Around You

It’s all in the body language. Through a female’s body language around you, you’ll instantly be able to tell whether or not she is flirting with you. For starters, her body will be facing towards you; she will do this on purpose so that you have her full attention.

She also may be fidgeting with her hands or hair and this is a sign that she’s nervous around you, which obviously means that she’s attracted to you. Apart from that, she may also try to look extra hot around you so she may suck her tummy in and push her chest out. She will probably even try to lean in closer to you. These are all seduction techniques and should be taken as none other than flirting.

4. The Way She Reacts to Your Social Media

Digital flirting is the new in-person flirting. You can tell if a female is flirting with you, just by the way she responds to your social media. If you find her liking all your posts and reacting to your stories often enough, it means that she’s flirting with you and wants you to notice.

If she takes it a step further and messages on your Instagram or Facebook stories, then it couldn’t be any more obvious that she’s trying to create conversation and flirt with you!

5. She Will Notice Little Things About You

A female who notices small things about you, that you probably aren’t even aware of yourself, says a lot about the way that she feels towards you. For instance, if she notices that you got a haircut or how you’re wearing the same shirt you wore the last time that you met her, means that she has been paying close attention to you.

A statement such as, “That haircut looks good on you” is an obvious flirtation technique, so boys please don’t think she’s just being friendly.

6. She Will Let You Catch Her Checking You Out

If she’s fully checking you out during a conversation, she is so into you. She could have easily checked you out subtly while you weren’t looking, but if she makes it a point for you to notice her doing so, she is definitely flirting with you.

7. She’ll Send You Lots of Selfies

In today’s world where Snapchat is all the hype, it may not be a big deal if a girl sends you her selfies. In fact, she probably sends them to a whole lot of other people too. That being said, you can still tell whether her snaps/selfies to you are in a friendly or flirty manner.

It’s pretty simple actually; if she’s being friendly, she’ll send you random selfies in all her states and looks. If she’s being flirty though, she will only send you selfies when she’s looking her best. She wants to make sure that you have seen her looking on point so that you desire her, and chances are you’re probably the only one she’s sending them to, so don’t miss out on that one!

8. She’ll Ask You Your Relationship Status

Whether women make it obvious or beat around the bush, somehow or the other, they will want to know if you’re single. That’s how you’ll know they’re flirting with you.

A normal friend doesn’t really care whether you’re single or not. They have other things to talk about. If she’s feeling real feisty, she may even drop in hints about the fact that she’s single too, so you definitely can’t miss that sign!

9. She’ll Laugh At All Your Jokes

Even if you cracked a lame joke and no one else laughed except her, she’s trying to flirt with you. Be it funny or not, she will laugh the hardest in the room. This is so that she has your attention and because she wants you to know that she thinks you’re funny. It’s an indirect attempt at flirting with you, so take the hint and make the move!

10. She’ll Keep Glancing At You

If she keeps shooting you glances, it means she’s trying to get a certain message across. She simply cannot keep her eyes off you, which is why she keeps looking. These brief glances say everything, and no, they are not a pure coincidence! She definitely intends for you to catch on!

11. She’ll Find Excuses to Touch You

A female who’s attracted to you and trying to flirt with you will constantly find excuses to touch you. This could be anything from acting like there’s no place, to move closer to you or lightly hit you for saying something to her.

It may not always be obvious and easy to tell, but if you find her constantly making excuses to try and touch you, she’s definitely trying to flirt so keep up!

12. She’ll Tell You That She’s Cold

Nine out of ten times when a girl keeps telling you that she’s cold is because she’s trying to get you to cuddle her. It is one of the oldest and most subtle flirting techniques since time, yet one that men often still don’t catch on to. 

If she keeps rubbing her arms or repeating that she’s feeling cold, she expects you to put your arms around her or move in closer to her to keep her warm.

13. She’ll Play With Her Hair

Nope, I did not forget this one! Though this may sound like a cliché and is in all the romantic comedies, I hate to say it but it’s true. A girl playing with her hair is definitely her trying to flirt with you. She may also be making it because she’s conscious about the way that she looks around you.

Other than that, there’s just something about a girl playing with her hair that signals her attraction towards you, so next time you’re with a girl, observe whether she’s constantly playing with her hair.

14. She Might Not Be Very Nice To You

A girl will constantly pick on you and may be the opposite of nice to you if she’s trying to flirt with you. That’s just how the law of attraction works. She thinks by being mean, it’ll attract you to her and possibly make you interested.

In fact, she might be extra nice to everyone else around but specifically pick on you to be mean to, but that just means that she’s trying to get your attention and flirt with you. So don’t be disheartened if the girl you’re crushing on is not playing nice; it might  work in your favor!

15. She’ll Make Small Gestures For You

If a female is trying to flirt with you, she will do little things for you. This could be anything from making you breakfast to buying you your favorite book or video game. It could, no doubt, be a friendly gesture too. But if she’s constantly doing small gestures for you on random days, it’s definitely more than a friendly gesture. Another thing to look out for is a note. If she tops these gestures with cute notes, then she’s flirting for sure.

These 15 signs are enough for you to tell whether or not a female is flirting with you. Just keep a lookout and catch right on!