18 Things Girls Love to Hear from Guys (Take Notes!)

Every girl likes a compliment or two.

In fact, there are a bunch of things girls expect to hear from guys they are dating or married to. However, sometimes, men miss out on the power of flattery. Making your girls feel special is just the trick to get their hearts to flutter.

While you can surprise them with flowers and gifts and put a bright smile on their face, sometimes, there’s nothing more special than giving a beautiful compliment to your significant other.

Down below is the list of phrases that will make your lady blush and feel special, loved, and magical all at the same time!

1. You Look Pretty Without Any Makeup On

Yes, we get it – beauty is only skin-deep. But don’t wait to admire your girl only when she is all dolled up for you. The thing is, almost every woman expects to be complimented when they are dressed up.

Let your girl know she is beautiful when she is her usual self – chilling in yoga pants with hair tied in a messy bun and no makeup on. This will not only take her by surprise but will also reassure her that she doesn’t have to spend hours getting ready to be appreciated for her beauty. This will also give your girl the confidence to be her natural self around you.

2. I was Wrong & You Were Right

Sometimes, all that a woman wants is to hear you own up to your mistake. There’s nothing more a gentlemanlike manner than accepting you were in the wrong. This will save you and her from fighting, arguing, or feeling bitter. Be modest in your behavior and your speech, and you will win her heart in the blink of an eye.

3. I Love Every Minute That We Are Together

Every girl wants to hear that you love spending time with her, even if you and your partner have been together for ages. A woman finds comfort in knowing that she is still fun to be around. This gives her renewed confidence in the relationship, and she feels more at ease with herself and with you.

Saying something as simple as “I enjoy your company,” “I love to have you around,” or “spending time with you is so precious” will give her an inexplicable joy that she will cherish forever.

4. You Understand Me So Well

One of the many great qualities women generally possess is understanding others. If you are blessed with a girl who understands you well, don’t wait to tell her. She will instantly love you for this compliment.

More than being appreciated for their beauty, girls like to hear what you have to say about their personality. Telling her that she understands you better than you do yourself will make her feel extra special. It will also show that you appreciate and acknowledge her taking an interest in you and your life.

5. It’s Always So Easy to Share My Thoughts/Feelings with You

This phrase is usually followed by the one said above. There’s never a wrong time to tell your girl how you can share all your secrets with her. Saying this will deepen the trust and love you share with your partner.

Letting your girl know that you feel comfortable talking to her on any topic, no matter how sensitive, will translate to a healthy and trustworthy relationship. Your SO will also feel secure opening up her feelings and thoughts with you – regardless of what the subject is.

6. There’s No One Like You

Every girl likes to believe that she is different from others. And when you reinforce her belief by saying something along the lines “you’re different,” your girl feels flattered. Just don’t stop there, though. Let her know why you think or feel that way. Justify your statement by averring one of her unique qualities, such as “your smile is bright enough to light up a whole room.”  Be as specific as you can. This will impress your lady a lot, knowing that you observe and take interest in her.

7. That Guy Was Checking You Out

Don’t say it in a mean way (as if you are jealous). Say it in a fun, playful manner.

Saying this will make your girl feel sexier. She will know there’s plenty of fish in the sea – and you know it, too! But she is yours, and you are eager to fight for her, no matter what.

8. I Will Always Support You

This is precisely how you should prove your true love. Tell her you will always stand by her and support her no matter what. Whatever her dreams, wishes, career goals, tell her that you will always be there for her, rooting for her the loudest. This will fill her up with cozy love, and she will thank her lucky stars for you – and only you.

9. You’re Not Alone. I’m Here for You

Girls like to hear that you are honest and committed to their relationship. The only way to show it is by telling them that you are there to share the ride – no matter how bumpy it gets. This level of commitment creates a safety net around the relationship.

Women appreciate that you are ready to work out any issues – big or small. They feel utterly secure, knowing they are not alone. This strengthens the bond and brings you both closer than ever.

10. Last Night Was Amazing

According to experts, women love to hear that they are good in bed. They want to know that their partner is happy and satisfied with their sex life, so make sure you tell her that she pleases you well in bed!

11. My Life Is So Much Better with You in it

This is an incredible way to show your girl that she matters. With her in your life, everything feels great – and so much better! You feel alive and happier. Tell her that you can’t imagine your life without her.

It may sound cheesy, but it will mean a lot if you are saying it in all honesty – especially if you are able to explain how her presence has changed your life in some way.

12. What Do You Think?

Girls love it when guys ask for their opinions. It goes to show that they value their ideas and are willing to listen to them.

If your girl really wants to say something and you give her that opportunity, you will gain twice more respect in her eyes. And don’t forget how truly happy and special you make her feel by asking a “penny for your thoughts?”

13. Don’t Worry, I’ve Got This Under Control

Sometimes, even the most capable and independent women want to hand over the reins to others. It’s not about making her feel as if she can’t do anything by herself. It’s about making her feel she’s not alone. You’re there for her through thick and thin. And there’s no better way to showcase that than by sharing some responsibility and delivering it on point!  

14. I Love How Much You…

Followed by something your girl loves or is passionate about. It could be her love for reading, cooking, painting, or anything else.

Telling her that you love what she loves is the best way to win her!

15. You’re Perfect Just the Way You Are

You accept your girl just the way she is – despite her flaws. This kind of acceptance is rare to see. It’s only the person who loves you with all their heart accepts you for who you are. So, saying this to your girl will make her heart dance with endless joy!

16. You Make Me So Proud

Simple, no? But sometimes, simplicity is the best policy in a relationship. Make your lady feel that you are immensely proud of her – for everything she has done for this relationship or whatever she has achieved in her life.

Let her know you’re grateful for the person she is and that you will always appreciate her for who she is.

17. You’re Just the Kind of Girl I Always Wanted

You are irreplaceable, and there’s no one like you. These are just a few phrases that girls love to hear any day!

It shows true commitment and devotion.   

18. I Love You

A classic expression of love is the best way to woo your special someone. Remind her often that you love her and will always love her no matter what.

These are the most beautiful words that any guy can use to impress their crush, girlfriend, or their wife. If you like these phrases, we encourage you to say the things girls love to hear and flatter them endlessly!