How to Make Her Chase You (11 Tricks To Attract That Girl!)

Tired of always being the one who does all the chasing when it comes to relationships and getting a girl to like you? Well, you’re not the first man to think that way!

Let’s face it, you can’t always run after the women you like. The more you push them, the more desperate you seem, and the more they begin to run away.

Well, if you’re looking for ways to get a woman to chase you, I’m here to help!

11 Ways to Make Her Chase You:

1. Make a Good First Impression on Her

There’s no denying that first impressions can leave a rather powerful and lasting impact on a woman. You need to make the right impression on her from the very first time you meet her. Nailing the first impression can lead to love at first sight, which means that you can expect her to fall for you and chase you instantly.

Well, if you didn’t read this tip before your first date, don’t be disheartened. Fortunately, you can still turn things around. Very often, things can go wrong the first time, causing you to fail at leaving a good impression. However, since women can be pretty forgiving, I’m sure you’ll get a second chance to turn things around.

2. Impress Her by Investing In Yourself

Women wax, shave, make their eyebrows, blow-dry their hair, find the perfect outfit, and do so much more before a date. Considering the effort they put in, imagine showing up in 10-year old jeans and a faded Star Wars t-shirt. If you do that, I’m pretty sure that the entire restaurant will echo with your date’s, “UH, NO!” You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Women appreciate guys who can take care of their physical appearance. This doesn’t pertain to how you look, but rather to how you carry yourself. This includes taking care of your personal hygiene, making your hair, wearing good clothes, and so on. Basically, it includes doing anything that shows you made an effort.

3. Grab Her Attention by Using Your Body Language

One of the best ways to get her to chase you is by using proper body language. Firstly, always make eye contact with her. But, I’m not talking about the creepy, stare-in-her-eyes-until-she’s-uncomfortable look, but rather subtle and sexy eye contact.

Secondly, smile when you’re talking to her. Remember to smile just the right amount; if you overdo it, she will find you overly enthusiastic, and if you underdo it, you might seem closed off to her.

Lastly, always maintain your posture as it says a lot about your confidence. Too much slouching and crouching will put her off, whereas a stiff posture will help you appear poise and confident (girls dig that!).

4. Make Her Respect You by Not Being Too Available

The getting-to-know-each-other and talking phase is the most exciting part of a relationship. You feel butterflies in your tummy as soon as you hear your phone buzz. However, always being there or too available for someone comes with its consequences.

If you push too much to hang with or talk to her all the time, she will feel like you’re needy, which will push her further away. Being too available for someone usually leads to them taking you for granted or thinking that you are desperate.

Let me be clear, I’m not telling you to not be there for her at all. You definitely should Be her go-to person and her shoulder to cry on, But, you should also prove to her that you have a life of your own and you are focused on building a better future for yourself.

5. Win Her Over by Friend-Zoning Her

You might think that this is not a practical suggestion because it might just cause you to lose the girl that you like rather than make her chase you. But, trust me, if you play your cards right, you will  have her running behind you like a loose cannon.

While being friend-zoned by someone we like can be extremely difficult to digest, in some odd way, this rejection is what ends up pulling us in the most. I suppose it’s human nature to want something that we  can’t easily get. A vast majority of women, if not all, hate being friend-zoned because it makes them feel needy. However, this neediness can work for you because it will attract the girl you like more towards you.

6. Impress Her Friends

A girl’s friends play a huge role in her life. They’re the people she loves, trusts, and seeks advice from the most. So, you need to impress her friends to increase the likelihood of her chasing after you! You can start by getting to know them and then proceed onto getting them to like you.

Once her friends grow fond of you, it will naturally push her to wonder if she is missing out on something. This will intrigue her and cause her to pay more attention to you. At this point, you need to show your interest in her as well, but be sure not go too overboard. Once you strike the perfect balance, voila! She’ll be chasing after you.

7. Intrigue Her with Your Mysterious Nature

This is one of the most important points if you want to make her chase you. One thing that lands a girl for sure is mystery and intrigue. Appearing all mysterious makes you irresistible; it pushes a girl to want to get to know more about you.

Never reveal too much about yourself on the first date. Also, don’t over-share too much personal information on social media (you know she’s going to stalk you!). The more oblivious she is, the more she would want to get to you know about you in person. This doesn’t exactly qualify as playing hard to get; it’s about trying to find out how much she likes you by seeing the length she goes to in order to find out more about you.

8. Draw a Line by Learning to Say NO

‘Yes men’ are the biggest turn-offs! Sure, girls want someone who listens to them and agrees with the things they say. However, where’s the challenge in agreeing to everything one has to say? If you start saying yes to everything she suggests, sooner or later, she will take you to be a people-pleaser.

Believe me, women don’t like pushovers! If a man can’t express his own opinions or share his views about certain subjects, it can be off-putting for women. So, if you don’t like something she shares or suggests, don’t hesitate to express your disagreement.

9. Charm Her with Your Humor

Women consider a good sense of humor to be one of the most attractive traits in a man. This is why humor is a fantastic way to get women to chase you. Girls love guys that can make them burst out into fits of laughter! That being said, you should be aware of boundaries when it comes to cracking jokes. Never and I repeat NEVER use jokes that make you seem creepy. Also, avoiding cracking dirty jokes in front of a girl you’ve just met as this will just end up making her want to run away.

10. Pay Her Compliments but Don’t Go Overboard

Women love receiving compliments! It’s the best way to let her know that you appreciate her and are interested in her. However, tread very carefully in this area. Don’t bombard a woman with tons of compliments during the initial phase. This will make you come off as overly-eager, which may make her feel comfortable.

Give her the right amount of sincere and genuine compliments. Otherwise, she will assume that you are only praising her just to seduce her. Moreover, timing matters greatly, So, you should know how and when to use compliments to having her chasing you sooner than you think.

Do not jump into paying a woman compliments based on her physical appearance as soon as you meet her. These compliments aren’t really effective but are rather off-putting, considering that women get them a lot.

11. Get Her to Think About You by Making Her Jealous

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t imply that you go out and see other women. There are many other ways you can make her jealous. For instance, you can chat up with other girls when she’s around. Make sure to pay attention to her expressions when you’re pulling off this trick.

Once again, avoid going overboard. She should not get a hint that you’re doing this on purpose; otherwise, she will strike back and hit you right where it hurts!

How to Make Her Chase You Through Text

Almost every woman searches for a man that provides a challenge. Men who make things too simple and easy are a downright turnoff! So, if you’ve been texting a girl in the hopes of attracting her towards you, play it cool rather than getting all invested, which is bound to make her run away rather than chase after you.

Well, if you’re worried about how this strategy is going to pan out, don’t! I’m here with two super-helpful tips that will help you make her chase you through text.

1. Disqualify Yourself

Women appreciate men who are confident, not over, not under but they should have just the right amount of confidence! This means that if you’re texting a girl, you need to avoid coming across as needy or desperate in front of her.

The best idea is to playfully extract yourself from her dating pool. You can do this by joking about how the two of you aren’t right for each other. Text her something like,

“Woah! Do you like {thing she likes}? I wasn’t aware that you were that “type” of girl!”

You can easily create the space for a girl to like you by playfully pushing her away like this.

2. Do Not Over-text

NEVER! I repeat, NEVER over-text a girl!

Texting a girl too much can diminish the attraction between you two. The general rule is that the person who puts in the most effort into communication is the one who is doing all the chasing.

So, if you really want to make her chase you, then you need to avoid over-texting. Always keep the text ratio at 1:1; text her once for every time she texts you. After all, you need to maintain a balance!

Can You Make Her Chase You After She Rejected You?

Well, this is quite a tricky question! While it is a quite the fiddly path to trek on, fortunately, it isn’t impossible to make a girl chase you.

In such situations, you need to give her and yourself the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you didn’t make a very good first impression on her, maybe she took a hasty decision, or maybe her friends fed her some negative, untrue things about you. The point is, the possibilities for her rejecting you are countless.

With the myriad of reasons that could have led her to rejecting you, you may not really know what she has said no to. By operating on this premise, there is definitely still a chance to make her chase you after she rejected you.

The key to making her chase you after she rejected you is to show her that her rejection didn’t make a difference. The more you show her that you care and are sad about being rejected, the more likely she is to perceive you as desperate.

Also, there are some cases in which a girl doesn’t reject you, but just isn’t ready to make a commitment at that point in time. If you think that you’re in a similar situation, you might want to wait for your second chance. You can show her that you care about her, but don’t be too available for her, let alone obsess over her.

How to Make Her Chase You After She Rejected You?

Like I mentioned before, making a girl chase you after she has rejected you might be tricky and risky, but it isn’t impossible. Since you are already at a disadvantage, you need to be very careful this time around. Even a single wrong move can send her running for the hills.

Here are a few tips that can help you in getting her to chase you after she rejected you.

1. Try To Have a Fresh Start

You’re taking a 360-degree turn if you’ve been rejected by a girl, and you now want her to chase you. The first thing you need to do is to take a step back and get a fresh start with her. Eliminate all the awkwardness between you two by never mentioning your rejection ever again. If you still talk to her, then try to keep things casual between you two. Don’t ask her for hangouts, or flirt with her, or give her any hint that might make her believe that you’re still interested.

2. Intrigue Her by Acting Mysterious

This is a crucial point of trying to pull a girl in after she rejects you. One sure thing to get her to chase you is by acting mysterious and intriguing. Once you show a girl a lot of interest and then end up vanishing altogether will make her feel like you’re irresistible.

Keep your conversations with her to a minimal; don’t over-share too much personal information. Also, refrain from posting too much on social media. The more she doesn’t know about what you’re up to, the more she will want to find out.

3. Friend-Zone Her

You might believe that this isn’t a practical solution since it may cause you to lose the girl you’re head over heels for. However, you need to trust me; if you play your cards just right; you will have her chasing behind you.

Being friendzoned by someone you rejected can be one of the hardest things to digest. In an odd way, it’s the feeling of rejection that will help pull her back in. Apply this case to your own situation and think: a girl rejected you, yet you are looking for ways to win her over and make you chase you. I suppose it’s human nature to want something that we can’t easily get.

Being friend-zoned can make people, especially women, feel desperate and needy. This neediness can work well in your favor as it will attract the woman you like more towards you. So if you get rejected after expressing your interest in a woman, try friend-zoning her, but only if you see the potential of winning her back.

How to Make Her Chase You after a Breakup?

Once you’ve broken up with a person, it can be quite difficult to get them to chase you, especially since they know you down to your very last bone. However, it isn’t impossible to get them to chase you, after all, you spent so much time together. If your ex was that who broke off the relationship, you should be the one to mend things; let them work for it! If you’re the one who wants your ex back, you need to make her chase you rather than you chasing after her after a breakup.

Looking for tips to get her to chase you after a breakup? Don’t worry, I have a few ways to help you out.

1. Never Profess Your Love

It might be undeniably tempting to tell your ex-girlfriend that you miss her. After all, you have been led to believe that honesty is the best policy when it comes to communicating with girls. However, it might not be the best idea for you to be transparent about how much you miss your ex after a breakup. Women don’t appreciate things that are readily available to them. So, the moment they realize that you are ready to take them back, they will instantly lose interest.

2. Utilize the No-Contact Rule

The no-contact rule is the golden rule to adopt after a breakup. Not only does it increase the chances of you getting your ex back, but it also a good way to move on from the girl who shattered your heart. Even though this is the key to get her to chase you after a breakup, it won’t work in cases where the girl doesn’t want to come back anymore. So, whatever the reason may be, you need to prepare yourself for the worst.

If you guys were together for a long time, it’s going to be nearly impossible for her to not wonder what you’re up to when you go completely AWOL from her life. The no-contact rule will make her feel like all those time you spent together meant nothing, which will make it very difficult for her to not reach out to you.

So, when she does re-initiate contact, the power will be in your hands. You will no longer be the one to chase her, instead, she will be the one chasing after you.

3. Jealousy Is a Powerful Emotion

You can’t deny the power of jealousy! It is probably the most effective method to enhance your value in a woman’s eyes. However, you need to be very careful when trying to make a woman jealous.

If you just simply tell your ex about other girls, it will come off as a brag, and she’ll know exactly what you’re trying to do. But, instead, if you show your ex how other women find you attractive, she’s going to believe that you’re very desirable.

The best way to carry this out is to demonstrate it in person. If you both see each other almost every other day at your workplace, college, or school, then make sure she spots you with a female friend or someone who’s crushing on you. Otherwise, you should post pictures on social media with attractive girls, keeping them as natural as possible rather than a display to tick off your ex.

Can Ignoring A Girl Be Beneficial In Attracting Her?

The simplest answer to this question is, most times, yes!

Never believe those who reply with an iron-clad NO to this question. Oftentimes, ignoring a girl can be quite beneficial in attracting her. It might be the best game plan for establishing trust or sustaining a relationship, but it does wonder when it comes to getting a girl to chase you.

It’s human nature to want what you can’t have. Ignoring girls make them believe that they can’t have you, which makes most girls want you even more. When executed carefully and strategically, this tactic can be a great way to get a girl to chase after you!

When Do Girls Begin to Chase You?

Well, girls begin to chase you when they grow emotionally invested in you. In simple words, when the time a woman spends with you or spends talking to you becomes so intoxicating that they want more and more of you, they will begin to chase you.

So, if you want girls to chase you, you need to have a fun, friendly, and interesting personality. There’s no bigger turn on for a woman than a man who has his life together. You need to come off as a super-secure, non-desperate, and non-needy person who isn’t trying too hard to gain people’s attention.

A man doesn’t necessarily have to be very handsome, rich, famous, or anything else to get girls to chase him. There are many men who are either born with a charming and charismatic personality, or work to build a magnetic persona over time. Either way, women are naturally inclined towards such men.

Other than this, there are some psychological mechanisms that you can adopt in order to get a girl to chase you. For instance, humans want something they can’t have. So, even if you don’t possess any of the above qualities, but successfully manage to position yourself as a prize, you can have girls chase after you.

Another example would be to avoiding bombarding a woman with compliments. The more you compliment her, the more she’ll begin to feel like the prize, and the harder it will get for you to land her. On the other hand, keeping compliments to a minimum or completely refraining from handing them out before you actually land a woman, can be quite helpful in getting her to chase you.

Self-Confidence is Key To Attracting Women

If you really want to make a girl you like to chase you, be confidence! You can use a combination of these tips to tailor an effective plan on how to make her chase you. It isn’t too difficult to make girl go crazy about you, but remember that mastering this process requires some time and patience!