How to Keep a Girl Interested Through Texting (w/ Examples!)

“Omg, what should I talk to her about?”

Are you asking this to yourself – or your heart? – again and again in hopes of getting a girl interested in you through text messages?

The trick to keeping the spark between you and your potential lover alive is having meaningful communication.

Keeping in touch with her and talking to her about things that matter is key if you want something more out of the relationship. Get to know the girl you are talking to – not in a tiny string of messages that last only for a day, but take your time and keep the conversation going for weeks or months until you’re ready to level things up!

Here are 12 powerful ways to focus on when you want to stay attractive to a girl over a phone chat.

1. Keep the Conversation Light and Upbeat

If you want to make a special place in a girl’s heart, don’t bore her! Moaning about how much work you’ve got today or how much you hate your boss will only drive her away from you. Don’t forget – she is not your vent buddy!

Your goal should be to keep the chat fun and perky so that the girl you are talking to looks forward to your messages every day.

Try saying such as:

I have a serious mental issue: Can’t stop thinking of you!


You know, yellow is definitely your color.

2. Avoid Sending Lengthy Messages

Studies show that long text messages can quickly turn off a girl, so it’s better that you avoid doing so at all costs. Sure, some subjects may require you to speak at length but it’s better to discuss those things over a phone call or in person.

Remember, when it comes to chatting over texts, it’s best to keep it short.

3. Say Funny Things

You know what they say, the key to a girl’s heart is humor.

You can never go wrong with a short funny joke. Girls love it, especially if you’re able to make them see the funny side of serious things. This way you will instantly lighten her mood and she will always come to you for a good laugh.

The best (read: unique) connection is made when you can create ‘inside jokes’ with her. For example, you can have a funny dialogue from a movie that both of you watched (and loved) as an inside joke. However, in this case, make sure nobody else saw the movie. An inside joke should always be something that only you and your special someone can comprehend and laugh about.

4. Use Small Talk to Find Something in Common

Here’s the trick to keeping the conversation going with the girl you are interested in: Talk about things/interests you have in common with her.

Start by asking, “what do you do for fun?” Maybe she loves watching movies or hanging out with friends just as you do. Finding out her interests and hobbies is a great way to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

Eventually, you will find a common subject to talk about with her that will help you strengthen the relationship. For instance, you find out your girl shares a passion for golf with you. Why not ask her out for a golf match? It will be a great way to bond over a sport that you both love.

5. Ask Questions to Know Her Better

Girls love guys who take a special interest in them. Asking specific questions will keep a girl interested in you throughout the chat. This will also help you understand your girl better – her likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams, wants and needs. Knowing these things early on will definitely solidify your relationship with the girl.

Ask questions such as these:

“I’m so excited about (insert a TV series). Which one is your favorite character?”

“What’s your favorite cuisine and your go-to restaurant?”

“What’s your worst fear?”

“What’s a deal-breaker for you?”

“What’s that one memory you keep going back to?”

“What’s the one thing you want the most in your life?”

“What’s your future goal/plan?”

or use these flirty truth-or-dare questions and have a blast.

6. Talk About Something that Happened When You Last Met Her

One of the best ways to keep the interest alive is to text her about happy memories. Think of something funny, lovely, or exciting that happened the last time you met her and send her a text relating to it.

Consider the following examples:

Do you remember that cute old couple we saw in XYZ restaurant? Couple goals, weren’t they?”

“We were laughing so hard. Everyone was staring at us! You know, I saw a lady rolling her eyes at us. Lol”

“You blushed when I said that. You looked so cute, man!”

“The epic part was when she came to you and asked if I were your brother! We all burst out laughing!”

7. Use Good Grammar

Research shows that the way you text speaks volumes about your personality.

Using correct grammar shows you’re smart and know how to write and speak well; which is crucial to impress a girl and keep her interested in you.

Before you hit that send button, go through your text quickly and see if you haven’t made any common spelling or grammatical mistakes – such as using “your” instead of “you’re”.  Trust me, a basic error as this can turn off a girl in an instant.

If you’re not good at texting, don’t worry. Take a hint from how the girl is talking to you. Don’t hesitate to follow her approach. If she uses many emojis or slang, you do it, too. That said, try to add a bit of your personality to the way you text.

8. Flirt Without Being Cheesy

A clever pickup line – the one that’s genuine and heartfelt – always works on a girl.

Avoid using super corny or common pickup lines because they almost always backfire. The girl will ghost you and you will be left wondering why. Flirt without being too obvious.

Say these to grab her attention instantly:

“There are some things money can’t buy. And your company is just one of them!”

“You’re making the other girls here look meh”

“You’re turning into one of my favorite distractions”

“I hope your day is as lovely as you”

“A day without you is like a year without rain”

“You look beautiful today. How do you know, you wonder? Because you look beautiful every day!”

“Hot stuff, say what?”

9. Don’t Hesitate to Show Your Soft Side

You probably think girls prefer guys with a typical macho demeanor. Well, some may do but most girls prefer a guy with a soft side.

If you are sweet, compassionate as well as passionate, don’t think your girl won’t like this about you. In fact, showing this side off will bring her closer to you. She will feel intrigued by and attracted to you.

The best way to show your soft, heart-touching side is by just being yourself. She will eventually realize how sweet and adorable you are. 

10. Playfully Tease Her

Not always, though.

Girls love it when guys tease them. But you want to make sure you do it right – or things can easily go downhill for you. The first rule to tease the girl you like is to never fear. Be confident. Poke light-hearted and good-natured jokes at her. For example, make a creative joke with her name.

However, it’s always best to test the water first. Sometimes the girl you are talking to may not have the same sense of humor as you. To get a better idea of this, always start with something simple and cheeky. Also, steer clear of anything that may be a sensitive subject for her.

11. Play Fun Games

Talking over texts constantly can become monotonous. Spice things up by creating a fun game over phone texts. This is a clever way to get her interested in texting.

You can play two truths and a lie in which you tell three things about yourself and she will have to guess which two statements are correct and which one is false. You can also try emoji translation in which you send a string of emojis and your girl has to translate what you mean by it. Make sure to keep it fun and flirty!

12. Make Plans to Go Out with Her

What’s the point in doing everything discussed above, if you’re never going to ask her out? Tell her you are eager to meet her or can’t wait to meet her soon.

Level up your texting game by making plans to go out with her. Allow her to choose the meeting time and place. She will appreciate you giving her this opportunity.

How to Know If She’s into You?

So, how can you tell if your texts are working like a charm?

If the girl likes you, she will keep chatting with you. She will also demonstrate just as much interest in you as you show in her. For more signs to know if your feelings are being reciprocated, get this book today from Amazon!