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20 Secret Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Still Loves You

Let’s face it, breakups are always hard and not everyone moves on at the same pace; some take longer than others.

According to love expert Helen Fisher, who is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute in Indiana, After we resolve a romantic relationship, we have this remarkable ability to forget the bad parts and focus on the good ones.” 

This makes so much sense and is a great reason why your ex-girlfriend may still love you.

If you are not sure how to tell whether she still does, take a look at these 20 signs and you’ll get a clearer picture.

1. She’s Stalking You Online

If you find that your ex-girlfriend has been liking your old pictures online, it means that you have definitely been on her mind!

Let’s face it, no one randomly goes through pictures of someone, that too their ex, unless they really can’t stop thinking about them. It just shows that she has been stalking you and may still be missing you.

2. She’s Trying to Get a Reaction Out of You

There can be many ways that your ex-girlfriend will try to get a reaction out of you. Just observe the way she behaves around you.  

She could simply be extra loud just hoping that you would notice her. Or she could even be getting cozy with different guys just to make you jealous and see how you’d react. The fact that she’s trying so hard to grab your attention and be noticed shows that she still loves you and is hoping that you feel the same way too!

3. You’re Receiving Drunk Texts From Her

She may not have the guts to do it sober but if she’s texting or calling you when she’s drunk, it is a sign that she probably misses you and that you are always on her mind. Alcohol is an inhibitor and so if you’re the person she texts or calls when she’s drunk, it definitely says something.

4. She’s Probing Into Your Current Love Life

If a girl asks you a million questions about your current love life, she’s definitely into you. If your ex-girlfriend asks them, then it simply means that she still loves you and probably wants you back. Even though you may think she is asking just out of curiosity, that’s most likely not the case and probably wants her boo back.

5. She Makes Excuses to Text You

Have you received any weird or unexpected text messages from your ex? “Can you tell me how to change the bulb?” is an example of a text your ex-girlfriend may send you if she still loves you.

She may be too embarrassed to text you out of the blue and wants to hide her feelings, so she’ll find all kinds of excuses to text you. If she’s constantly finding reasons to message you, it’s a sign that she’s still in love with you.

6. She Loves Going Down Memory Lane

Nostalgic texts are a definite indicator that your ex still loves you. If you find her bringing up old memories from the past often, it means that she misses you and the relationship that the two of you shared.

“Remember that time when we…” shows that she still very much lives in the past and hasn’t been able to move on. By sharing it with you, she could simply be trying to gauge your response and see if you still feel the same way about her.

7. She’s Been Single Long After Your Relationship Was Over

If your ex-girlfriend is single long after you two ended things, it could mean that she’s still hung up on you. She may not be able to go for anyone else because you’re still the only person she has in her heart.

8. She Keeps Asking About You

Does your family or friends tell you that your ex-girlfriend keeps asking them about how you or doing or what you are up to? If that’s the case, then it could be a sign that she still loves you and cares about you.

Maybe asking you directly would be too risky, so asking people who are close to you is a subtle and clever way for her to let you know that you’re still very much a part of her thoughts.

9. She’s Awkward Around You

The way that your ex acts around you says a lot about how she feels about you. If she behaves in a completely normal manner, then that means that she’s over you, but if she gets all awkward, then it’s a clear indication that she’s still in love with you and has no control over how she acts.

10. She Speaks Badly About Your New Girl

If she’s not nice to your new partner or you find that she has been speaking badly about her, it just shows that she is jealous because she still loves you. Her feelings for you cannot bring her to accept your new partner, which is why she speaks ill of them.

11. She Texts You Often

Wanting to be civil with your ex after a relationship is over is one thing, but texting or calling them often enough is a clear sign that she’s still very much in love with you and isn’t afraid to show it. You’re still always on her mind and she can’t let go of you.

12. You’re the First Person She Goes to When Something Happens In Her Life

Whether it’s a happy moment or a sad one, if you’re still her go-to person in such times, the probability of her still loving you is very high. It could be anything from her dog passing away to her getting a new job. You’re the person she wants to share the news with and that’s gotta mean something, so don’t turn a blind eye to it and notice the pattern.

13. She is Regretful of the Past

By having conversations with you about how she wishes she’d done things differently, she is trying to hint to you that she wants you to give her another chance. It could be something obvious like: “I wish we hadn’t been so hasty in ending things” or something subtler like “Yeah I don’t know why I was so immature back then”.

She’s letting you know that your relationship is still on her mind and hinting that she still loves you.

14. She Talks About How She Has Improved

Talking about how she has become a better person since the two of you have broken up is her trying to impress you. It indicates that she wants you back and is giving you a reason to come back to her.

Even if she’s not directly telling you that she has become a better person, she may be dropping hints about how much she has changed herself for the better and that she is not the person she was back then.

15. She Refuses to Return Your Stuff

If she’s still holding on to your stuff, be it your hoodies and other stuff, it’s a sign that she can’t let go of you. Anyone else would send your things back after the two of you have broken up, but the fact that she’s still kept them shows that she definitely hasn’t moved on. It could also be that she’s waiting for you to come and ask for them and thinks it could be a chance for you two to talk.

16. She Tells You That She Misses You

This may sound obvious but you would be surprised at how many people wouldn’t perceive it that way. So to make it clear, if your ex-girlfriend is openly telling you that she misses you, she is indirectly telling you that she still loves you. If she had moved on, she wouldn’t be thinking about you and missing you, so take the hint!

17. She Seems Sad Long After You Two Have Broken Up

It is normal to be sad after a breakup, but if it has been a while since the breakup and she still seems down every time you bump into her, she’s clearly miserable without you! You were probably the love of her life and she’s finding it terribly hard to move on without you.

18. She’s Showing Off Her New Boy Toy Excessively

If her new boy is all over her social media, she’s definitely trying to make you notice. She wants you to get jealous because she clearly still loves you. If she and her new man were happy in their new relationship, she wouldn’t be posting about him that much.

19. She Keeps Saying She Is Over You

Your ex constantly telling you or your friends that she is over you is basically her trying to convince herself that she is. She is probably still in love with you and cannot face the fact, so she repeatedly tells everyone around that she is over you to hide from the truth.

20. She’s Dating Someone Exactly Like You

Sometimes people can’t get over their ex which is why they date someone who is an exact copy of their ex. If your ex-girlfriend is doing so, then it just means that she’s desperately trying to replace you because she still loves you.

If you’re still confused about whether or not your ex still loves you, ask yourself these questions and you will surely see the signs!

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