Should You Give A Gift To Your Ex? [Reasons & 10 Gift Ideas]

This is a tricky question.

Some people might frown upon the idea of giving a gift to your ex. It is generally considered that if you give your ex a gift, you might be looking to patch things up. 

Some of the reasons you might want to gift to your ex are:

  • You want to be friends with them
  • They’re still important to you
  • You want forgiveness
  • For the acknowledgment

However, you should be careful when doing such a thing. Read on to find out why.

Should You Give A Gift To Your Ex

Why Would You Even Think of Giving Your Ex a Gift?

Separation, divorce, or even ending a relationship with your partner can have a devastating effect on both parties. The last thing you can think of is sending a gift to your ex. But sometimes, when you want to establish good relationships, you do something out of the goodness of your heart. 

1. Your Ex Is Still Important To You

Whatever your reasons might have been for breaking up, you and your ex shared a significant amount of time together, and perhaps your ex still means a lot to you. Unless you decide to never see or contact each other again, you want to end a relationship on good terms and still respect each other. 

2. You Acknowledge Them

Sending a gift to your ex does not mean that you want them back or you are not over them. Sometimes, you simply want to let them know that you acknowledge them. It makes them feel appreciated, and it maintains a healthy relationship between both. For example, you can send your ex a present on a special occasion such as their birthday or on Valentine’s Day. 

3. You Are Still Friends

It is rare to remain friends with your ex, but not unusual. Most couples become better friends rather than spouses. There is no harm in sending a gift to your ex if you are still friends with them and see each other regularly. 

4. You Want To Forgive 

Forgiveness could be your key to happiness. It also takes away the pain and anger you might have after a breakup. Sending your ex a gift as a sign of forgiveness is totally okay as it indicates that you have no hard feelings. It will make you feel better and will also ease the process of moving on. 

5. Do It for Your Kids 

If you have kids with your ex and you want them to be a part of their life, they would want to give their parents a gift on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. If you don’t want to send a gift to your ex, your kids can, with your help, of course.

Before You Go Out and Buy a Gift, Analyze Yourself 

Ask yourself the following questions before deciding whether or not you should give your ex a gift:

1. Are you still in love with your ex?

Before you quickly say no, take a moment and think carefully. If there is even the slightest chance that you are, you should not give your ex a gift. 

2. Are you the kind of friends where it is okay to exchange gifts? 

Make sure that this is not a one-sided thing. You both should be on the same page. Make sure that your ex is okay with this. 

3. How will your ex react?

If you are sending a gift to your ex for the first time, they might get a little surprised. But the awkwardness should go away provided that you are on really good terms.

4. What will their family and friends think?

If you were in the good books of your ex’s friends and family, then you don’t need to worry about what they might think. 

5. Do you have any ulterior motive in buying your ex a gift?  

Your intentions should be innocent and pure. You should not have any ulterior motives while giving your ex a gift. 

Tips for Sending a Gift to Your Ex 

Before deciding whether or not you should give your ex a gift, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind while sending a gift to your ex:

1. It Should Be Suitable 

You should ensure that the gift is appropriate and does not give the wrong impression. It should not be something too personal or something from the past, which reminds them of a memory you shared together. 

2. Don’t Trigger Anything  

Try to stay clear of things that could welcome a new argument or make them feel bad. You don’t want to spoil the good bond you have developed with your ex on the basis of a gift, do you?  

3. No inside Jokes 

Don’t give your ex something which will evoke irony or jokes which you two might have shared. This is not a good idea, especially if your ex is dating someone else now.

4. Watch Your Budget 

There is no need to buy something overly expensive. Do not go out of your way to get the perfect gift. Stick to something your ex previously liked. Moreover, if your ex is dating someone else now, make sure that you don’t steal their thunder by buying an expensive gift. 

5. Don’t Surprise Them

Do not send your ex a gift as a surprise. This implies that if you are not in touch with them, don’t just magically drop it on them like a bombshell. A better way to do this would be to call first and catch up a little so that you know where you both stand. Moreover, it will also not be the brightest idea to show up at their work or home unannounced. 

Sending your ex a unique and thoughtful gift speaks a lot. The goal is not to get them back by sending gifts; it is only to show them that you are there for them as a friend. Take a look at some of the interesting gift ideas for your ex: 

1. An Assortment of Chocolates

If your ex is a huge fan of chocolates, you can send a box of assorted chocolates. It is a nice gesture and only brings out happy vibes.

2. Books

Books are a great gift, especially if your ex is a fan of reading. If you know what type of books they like, then you won’t have trouble finding the right one. 

3. Electronic Items

Gadgets and electric items such as a watch, Bluetooth headphones, wireless speakers, electric cup, etc., are some of the best ideas for a gift. 

4. Plants and Flowers

Some might think that it is odd to give flowers to your ex, but it really isn’t. Flowers are not an indication of a romantic gesture. They are lovely and offer well wishes to everyone, so don’t overthink while buying flowers for an ex.

5. Vouchers and Gift cards

Another great idea is to give your ex vouchers or gift cards as a gift. This can be useful if you are having a hard time deciding what to buy for them.

6. Scarves or Shirts 

It is okay to buy a scarf or a tee shirt for your ex. However, if you are not certain about what size would fit them, then stay clear of this gift. You can look for something else. 

7. Kitchen Utensils 

Kitchen utensils are an excellent choice for a gift. They come in handy and are not even too expensive. They don’t send out any negative feelings either, which makes a great gift. 

8. Artifacts  

If your ex is into art, you can give them a piece of painting or any artifact that you think they might like. However, make sure that you don’t exceed your budget, so don’t go for anything too expensive. 

9. Accessories 

Accessories such as handbags are also a great option for a gift. Again, make sure it is not too expensive. Giving an accessory as a gift will definitely put a smile on your ex’s face and light up their day.

10. Decoration

You can gift a small piece of decoration to your ex as long as it is not too big or inappropriate. It should also not have any romantic gesture associated with it. 

Remember This

It is never a good idea to give your ex gifts like lingerie, jewelry, perfume, photo frames, pajamas, or the like. These gifts are not only expensive, but they also indicate a special bond between two people. Your ex might get the wrong idea if you end up buying expensive jewelry as a gift for them. 

Furthermore, if your ex is seeing someone, make sure that you don’t get the kind of gift which would offend both of them. You also need to be careful not to outshine the new person your ex is seeing. It could give them the wrong idea as if you are competing against the new date. 

If your ex is uncomfortable with your gifts, you should stop. Don’t do anything to trigger a new argument or to make things worse. 

The bottom line is that there is nothing wrong with giving your ex-partner a gift. So don’t fret and don’t overthink. You should do whatever you feel is right and whatever you think would make you happy. I hope that this blog cleared some of the doubts and answered a few questions on your mind.