9 Things To Say To Your Ex Boyfriend To Get Him Back!

What are some meaningful things you can say to your ex whom you still love and want to reconcile the romantic relationship with?

Take your time to fully comprehend your emotions. If you realize your ex is the one for you and you will never find a guy like him again, speak to him. No need to flirt or be romantic with him. Apologize if you were responsible for the breakup and promise him or offer hope for a better future together. Keep your message simple and sweet.

Things to Say to Your Ex Over Text Messages to Get Him Back

Text messages are one of the greatest tools to help you get your ex permanently. However, it’s always tricky to decide what to text your ex without sounding desperate.

1. Say Something as Simple as “I’m Sorry”

If you are the reason for the failure of your relationship with your ex, apologizing to him is the best way to go about it. Don’t let your ego get in the way.

Text him, telling how genuinely sorry you are. Be clear and direct. And make sure you mention that you are ready to change yourself or work on this relationship or anything along those lines so that your ex considers taking you back again.

If your ex still loves you and is also ready to mend things with you, he will give a positive response.

2. Send Him a “Happy Picture of Us”

If you and your ex had an awful breakup that left emotional scars on him, reminding him of a happier time will aid in the healing process. Send him a happy photo of you and him together with a caption like “remember this time…” “I miss this day so much,” or anything along those lines.

3. Ask for Advice

Make your ex feel good about himself by asking for his advice on something he holds expertise in. For instance, “my younger bro is struggling with this math equation. Can you help him?”

However, you should only use this tip if you and your ex broke up mutually without any hard feelings on both sides.

4. Share a “Reminded me of You” Text

Make your text all about him if you want to make him smile and reply you back. For example, you can say to him, “I went to a bookstore yesterday and came across a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man. It reminded me of you and your craze for Marvel comics!” or “Hey, do you remember, you wanted a denim hoodie jacket? I saw one at XYZ at an amazing price. Do check it out!”

5. Send Him a Congratulatory Text

Congratulating your ex on his achievement is the best way to initiate “the talk.” Boost his ego by saying such as “Congrats. I always knew you could do it” or “Did you make that? Looks yummy!”

However, make sure to keep it short and brief.

Things You Should Avoid Saying If You Really Want to Get Him Back

You walk a fine line when you try to get in touch with your ex. You don’t want to say something that hurts him even more or piss him off. You have to be careful when talking to your ex, or you can risk losing him forever.

1. Saying I Love You When the Timing is Wrong

Your first text in an attempt to get back together with your ex should be anything but “I love you.” You don’t know whether or not your ex reciprocates your feelings. In fact, you don’t know anything about how your ex is coping, so it’s better to avoid expressing your love to him right away.

2. Bringing Up Old Fights or Asking Deeply Personal Questions

This means you should avoid saying anything that will provoke your ex into arguing or fighting with you.

Talking about what happened the last time was his mistake or asking your ex if he is dating anybody or taunting at him or being sarcastic will only lower your chances of getting back with your ex.

3. Strings of Clingy Texts

You don’t want to sound needy and desperate, as it will only further aggravate your ex. Therefore, avoid spamming your ex with tons of clingy texts such as “I love you so much,” “I need you,” “I can’t live without you,” “please come back,” “why aren’t you replying to me??” and the likes.

4. Talking Through Emojis

I know we’re all are so habitual of using emojis in our everyday texts – we don’t even think twice before using them. But when conversing with your ex, avoid using emojis. You don’t want to sound too-eager talking to your ex, and adding emojis in every text will convey the wrong message.

This also means that if you and your ex used to send each other special texts with emoticons that would convey your hidden message or story, don’t do it.

5. Saying “Let’s Date Again”

This is a big no.

You can’t strike up a conversation with your ex by being so straightforward no matter how honest and direct you two were with each other. You have to take things slow. And most important of all – you have to be a bit subtle. You can’t go on saying “let’s hook up,” “let’s go on a date,” etc. to your ex.

Things to Say to Your Ex Over a Phone Call to Get Him Back

First thing first, you should never call your ex out of the blue. If he is still upset with you, he won’t pick up your call at all. This will leave you feeling awkward and uncomfortable. After this, you won’t be in a favorable position to even text him. Therefore, you should start talking to him via text messages first, and once you have built a strong foundation, transition swiftly to phone calls.

1. Share a Fascinating Story with Your Ex

Talking over a phone call without anything meaningful to talk about will fill the conversation with awkward silences, making you and your ex regret why they did this. Come up with a strong “transition story” that will make the phone chat worth the time. For instance,

You: “Hey! You won’t believe what just happened!”

Him: “Umm… What?”

You: “I saw two men…”

You: “Actually, can I call you? The story is too long and too good to be shared over texts.”

See how swiftly you can move from talking over text messages to phone calls? Your ex will be curious to listen to the story and won’t mind talking to you over a call!

2. Tell a Funny Meme/Joke or a Funny Incident

The best way to bring his guard down is to use humor as the tool. This will make him feel easy around you as well as instantly attracted to you.

Once you have built a foundation with your ex, you can indulge in some casual conversations with him. For example, tell him a funny meme you came across on the internet or share a funny event that happened with you recently. 

3. Say Something that Makes Him Realise You Have Changed

If you call your ex and speak to him the same old way, it will make him feel more insecure and less interested in you. He will wonder if it’s worth talking to you again. To get him back successfully, let him sense that you have changed for the better!

4. Ask Him About What He’s Up to These Days

This will give you a chance to peek into his current situation in life. Maybe your ex has found a new job, or a new house, talking to him about random day-to-day life will allow you to get your ex know him again, which is a great way to give your past relationship a fresh start. In this way, you will have something more to talk to your ex about at that time as well as the next time.

Is It Possible to Get Your Ex to Liking You Again?

Remember, there is nothing impossible for those who try.

You can successfully get back with your ex if you say the right things at the right time – both on calls and over text messages. However, you need to be patient in your effort to get your ex back to like you.

Show your ex through your actions and behaviors that you are apologetic over your past mistakes and that you are a changed person now. When talking to your ex, choose your words carefully. You don’t want to strike a wrong chord with him. Say one wrong thing, and you’re out of the picture for good!