20 Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend Over Text

Texting your boyfriend all day long can be fun but sometimes you can run out of ideas of what to talk about.  

To keep the conversation interesting and engaging, you need to talk about things that will grab his interest and get him hooked. The last thing you want is your boy running somewhere else because he’s bored.

These top 20 ideas will spice up your texting game and make you two bond more closely!

1. What’s the Ideal Sunday Like For You?

Get to know each other better and find some common interests by asking him what his ideal Sunday is like. Would he want to spend it in bed with some comfort food or hit the beach? It is also a great conversation starter as you two can talk about spending the ideal Sunday together and go into details of what you would do.

2. Share Your Dreams and Aspirations

Talk about your dreams and what you want to achieve in your life. Observe his reaction and the advice and support that he’ll give. Be open and don’t hesitate to tell him whatever it is, after all, he should know who you are if he’s dating you.

Don’t forget to ask him about his dreams and aspirations too. He should feel that you have the same interest level in his life that he does in yours. It’ll also help you to connect with him on a deeper level by finding out things about him that you probably didn’t know before.

3. Discuss Dream Vacations

If you’re in the mood for some lighthearted banter, what better than to daydream about vacations with your dream boy? Ask him what his dream holiday would be and then see if it’s in line with yours. Would it be laying on a beach in the Bahamas or sightseeing in Paris? It’ll give you a deeper insight into his interests and vice versa.

4. Talk About Your Days

This may sound basic but trust me, you shouldn’t underestimate this one. It’s got a lot more to it than you think. One of the best parts of being in a relationship is going over every little detail of your day with your partner.

Ask him how his day was, the best part of it and the worst. Make sure to express interest and give good responses as he tells you about it. You can then go on to tell him about yours. It’ll make your bond even closer and will give you both something to talk about.

5. Who Are The Most Important People In Your Life?

Show him that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know him further and a huge part of that is to do with people in his life who are special to him. Ask him about who these people are and why they are important to him.

6. What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

You must have heard this one before. It may sound like a cliché but who wouldn’t want to know what their boyfriend would do if he won the lottery? It’ll give you more of an idea of who he is. Would he spend it on cars and houses or would he use it to travel the world? It’ll also help you gauge common interests between the two of you.

7. Embarrassing Stories From Your Childhood

It’s important to have a good laugh every now and then to keep the conversation from getting too serious. Ask your boyfriend for embarrassing stories from his childhood and if he’s reluctant to tell you, persuade him and get it out of him.

Getting a glimpse into his childhood will also help you get to know him better in many ways. Make sure that you also share yours so that he feels more comfortable and gets to know you better as well.

8. Do You Have Any Hidden Talents?

This is not something people usually talk about but who better to ask than your boyfriend? Discover his hidden talents, who knows, maybe he’s a born singer or actor, or even chef! It’ll give you something to tease him about while supporting him at the same time and knowing something about him that no one else does.

9. What’s Your Favorite Movie?

The kind of movies that a person watches says a lot about them. Find out what movies he could watch again and again without getting bored. See if any of them interest you or whether you’ve even watched any of them at all. You can then take the conversation further by telling him that you two can maybe watch it together sometime so that you get to see his face during his favorite parts.

10. What’s Your Biggest Fear?

You want your boyfriend to know that he can talk to you about anything, not just the good stuff but the bad as well. In order to gain his trust, get him to open up to you about his biggest fears. What may help is if you start out by telling him yours so that he feels comfortable. Let him know that you are right by his side and that you’ll help him overcome them with the passage of time.

11. What’s Your Bucket List?

Probably, the most exciting topic that you two can talk about. Dream over your bucket lists and get to know what it is that the other wants to do. Does he want to skydive or learn how to surf? You may discover some that you have in common so you can plan those out together. It’ll help you get to know him better while having a fun conversation at the same time.

12. What Are Your Future Plans?

If you’re dating someone, it’s probably a good idea to get to know what their future plans are. At the same time, you don’t want to overwhelm them so make sure to ask subtly. Who knows maybe you two share similar future plans and that can be a point for you to connect!

13. Sexual Fantasies

Spice up your texts by asking him what his sexual fantasies are and sharing yours. It’ll be interesting to see the similarities and differences between them both. It’ll be a fun topic to discuss and you’ll also find out something new about your significant other. Maybe you can use one of them to surprise him sometime!

14. Which Fictional Character Do You Think You Are?

Get a break from reality and step into the fictional bubble for a bit. Ask your boyfriend what fictional character he thinks he is and then let him have a good laugh when you tell him which one you considered him to be. It’ll be a fun and light conversation that is perfect especially after a long day.

15. When Did You First Realize That You Liked Me?

Sometimes, all you need is to go down memory lane with your boyfriend. It’ll bring those feelings back between you both and reignite the spark. Find out the exact moment in which he knew he liked you. Tease him about it once he tells you just for some extra fun!

16. What Do You Like About Yourself and What You Don’t?

It’s important to have the important conversations too; ones that’ll help you two grow together. Ask him three things that he likes about himself and three things that he doesn’t. It’ll be a good way for him to reflect and for you to be the one to encourage him to be the best version of himself.

17. The Perfect Date

Find out what your boyfriend’s idea of the perfect date is. Girls are always going on about theirs but how often do men what theirs is. It’ll be interesting to know and will also give him the feeling that you matter to him and that will strengthen your relationship. Maybe you can surprise him with his idea of the perfect date on his birthday or another special occasion.

18. A Life-Changing Moment

You should know the important parts of your boyfriend’s life. This includes the people who matter as well as the moments. Find out what a life-changing moment in his life was. This will help you get to know him so much better as well as be sensitive to things related to it.

19. Something That Makes You Laugh Every Time

Share something with your boyfriend that makes you laugh every time. It can be a text from your mother or a funny part from a TV show. This will help him get to know you better while showing him that you have a sense of humor. It’ll also make the conversation light and fun and will make him keep wanting to talk to you.

20. Planning the Next Date

You can plan an exciting date with him over text. It’ll give you both something to look forward to and by discussing it together, you can both give your input so that it isn’t one-sided. Plan a date to the park or the arcade or maybe a romantic dinner if that’s the mood you both are in. Planning is half the fun so why not?