Seduce Your Wife Like A Pro (with These 14 Everyday Tips!)

Remember the last time you woke up like a married man? Your wife was nagging over the piles of unfolded laundry and how useless you are.

That’s how married life works, my friend.

But have you ever thought about what happened to the wild beast your girlfriend was after you married her? Why is she always irritable, tired, and not in the mood now? Is there a way to turn her on? If all this bothers you, stop worrying and learn how to seduce your wife so you can bring the spark back in your marriage.

But remember that the art of seducing a woman is a full-time job, so you are the one who has to make an effort continuously to press the right buttons again.

Here is what you can do to seduce your wife.

1. Know It’s Going to Be Different This Time

You have been married to your wife now, and she is no longer the person you met on your first date. Relationships and time change us, as humans. So know that this time it is going to be different. What first attracted your wife may not seduce her this time because she is a different person, and so are you.

2. Recall Why You Fell in Love with Her in the First Place

Relationships and responsibilities can indeed take a toll on your physical and mental state, but somethings are there to stay, and your love for your wife should be one of them. Now that you are all geared up to seduce her, recall why you fell in love with her in the first place. Think about your first date, her cheerful smile, and her chirpy style. Some of it may have changed, but she is still the same person you chose to spend your life with.

With this in mind, you are already a step closer to seducing your wife.

3. Do it Because You WANT to

Seduction is far deeper than physical intercourse. It is a way of winning her heart and making her feel special. And if you are doing it for sex, just know that your wife is great at judging your intentions, and once she knows that, you won’t be able to seduce her the way she deserves.

In order to do it right, try to seduce her because you WANT to, and do not have any strings attached (such as sex). When you seduce her unconditionally, she will surely be turned on and won’t disappoint you.

4. Show Affection

Just because you are married, don’t shy away from showing your love for your wife. Kiss her like there is no tomorrow, hold her hand, and look straight into her eyes, make her feel beautiful. And don’t forget that affection is a lot more than physical acts of love. Sending her a message as you get to work or informing her as you return home are also some of the ways you can use to show affection.

5. Brighten Up Her Day

Women have a good memory! And this may turn out to be a disadvantage for men. They would remember every time you neglect her or give her that look, or did something unpleasant to her. But on the flip side, she would also not forget every positive thing that you do for her. Whether it is getting a bouquet of her favorite flowers or helping her around the kitchen after dinner, she would remember it.

So try to brighten up her day by being a little more helpful and caring than you usually are. Just know that women don’t always need all these large material possessions to feel special. Instead, it’s all those little things that matter!

6. Listen Intently

Women like to talk. They want to share every detail of their day with their husbands. Of course, there are exceptions. Not all women are talkative and expressive but if your wife is one of those extra chatty ones, show her affection by listening intently. They often don’t want you to act upon their complaints and nagging, but all they want is for you to listen intently.

When you give your wife the attention she craves by listening intently, it works as one of the ways to seduce her.

7. Try Something Extra

Remember when you were dating her? You would always be ready to go the extra mile for her and try something new and unique. Why not try it again? She may have changed, but women always love surprises. If you are not the one who takes care of your outfit, try getting dressed in a way your wife likes. Wear her favorite perfume and surprise her with your new-and-improved look.

8. Take Responsibility

If your wife is never in the mood, you might think that “something is wrong with her.” Instead of getting into the blame game, take responsibility, or else things will only get worse.

Rather than thinking that your wife is the one who has a problem, think of it the other way. “What is that I am not doing right that is turning my wife off?”, “What can I do to improve her sexual desire?” That’s the approach you need to solve the problem.

Here is some practice for you.

Think about the last time you wanted to have sex, but your wife had a headache (for the nth time), and you both know she made an excuse. Now think of that day again and see what you could have done differently to turn her on. Maybe she was craving your attention and intimacy, but not sex, and all you wanted was the act.

So next time, take responsibility and see how you can change the situation. When she sees that the onus is not just on her, she feels relaxed and that can turn her on.

9. Treat Her Like Your Queen

Your wife is her daddy’s princess but don’t forget that she is your queen, and she deserves to be treated like one. Part of seducing your wife involves treating her like your queen. A great way to practice could be to give her a day off from the kitchen while you do the cooking. Serve her her favorite breakfast in bed. Make her feel special, and she would be more than willing to give what you desire.

10. Focus on Her Pleasure

When it comes to sex, most men focus on their pleasure. If you wonder how to seduce your wife, know that part of it involves focusing on her pleasure. Instead of just satisfying your needs through the act of sex, focus on her satisfaction. Only when her pleasure is valued and prioritized she would be more than willing to give you the pleasure you seek.

11. Give Her a Hug

Did you know that hugging someone you love for 20 seconds a day is a great way to relieve stress? It releases the hormone oxytocin that makes you feel good. Well, now that you know, why not hug your wife?

Make it a habit to hug her first thing in the morning. And if you think your wife is too busy with all of those start-of-the-day activities, this can give her the break she needs. Moreover, it will change her behavior towards you as well. Try hugging your wife every day for two weeks and see how much she begins to care for you. Who knows, if you hug her at the right time, she may get turned on.

12. Touch (And Know When to Touch)

Your wife would not like it if you romantically grabbed her hand, which is loaded with dirty laundry. As you plan to seduce your wife, get started with a gentle touch but, more importantly, know when to touch your wife. Why not give her a massage after a long, tiring day? And as you give her the massage she needs, make it a special one by setting it up right. Go for scented candles, dim lights, and a glass of wine.

13. Plan, Plan, and Plan “Foreplay”

Biologically, it takes longer for women to get turned on than men, so plan for longer foreplays.

Remember the initial days when your foreplay would last forever. Dirty texts, sexy lingerie, and a lot more planning on an everyday basis. Why not bring it back to action? Instead of just jumping into the act and considering it as a chore, plan foreplays strategically.

Give your wife enough time to prepare for sex, both physically and mentally. Try giving her a sensual touch after dinner. Once she is with you, kiss her entire body. Above all, plan every action where she can feel super loved.

14. Let Her Decide

An empowered woman is bound to please you. As you try to turn her on, let her decide. Let her decide which position she prefers. Ask her where she wants to get touched and how. And that doesn’t mean you will only be a giver. When you make your wife comfortable and feel good, she will surely give you the pleasure you deserve.

In All

Seducing your wife is simple. It is all about focusing on all the little things you used to value while dating her. Focus on her happiness and comfort, and you will succeed in seducing her!