How to Seduce Your Husband (18 Secrets of Good Wives!)

So you got married to your favorite person but

  • the flame of passion seems to be shrinking.
  • the responsibilities are taking a toll on your sexual relationship?
  • and you are looking for something to spice up your relationship?

If the answer to all or some of these questions is yes, you are at the right place. In this post, I am sharing 18 ways to seduce your husband.

But let’s not forget that seduction can range from being very sexy and open to simply being romantic. Here I have tried and covered a bit of everything so every woman can trigger the right buttons and release the intense love she deserves and end up with a thriving sexual relationship with her husband.

1. Tease Him

While he is away at work, seduce him with your texts, so he comes back home wanting you badly. From words to images, you can try anything. Go wild with your imagination.

2. Subtle (Feminine) at-Home Attire

At home, wear something feminine. Go for a short skirt or a silk pajama and a loose plain shirt with a sexy cut. Make sure you don’t go for something too revealing and let your husband keep guessing as he gets back from work. Leave your hair untied for some extra spice. If you return from work after he does, shower and slip into his favorite pjs.

3. Seduce Him with Your Smile

Perhaps the sexiest tool every woman has is her smile. The simple expression of love can show your affection and admiration for your better half and seduce at the same time. Broadly smile at him as he returns home or is having dinner. Don’t forget to make eye contact as you smile. Wearing lipstick is another trick you can try to seduce him with your smile.

4. Touch Undercovers

If you are having dinner or watching a movie together, show some love. Give him a touch using your toes under the table or run your foot along his calf. Go for soft caressing on his inner thighs or let your fingers slip in his trouser pocket and show as if nothing is happening.

5. Prepare a Delicious Meal for Him

 “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

And that’s right. You make your husband feel special by cooking his favorite meal. And then, when it’s just the two of you at the dinner table, eat seductively. Most women are unaware that men find everything to do with lips, mouth, and tongue seductive, including eating. So why miss a chance?

6. Be Spontaneous and Unpredictable

The best way to seduce your husband is by being spontaneous. It is easy to do the same thing again and again, and then it becomes a chore. Why does your sex life have to be a chore? Be spontaneous. Plan a date night for just the two of you. Let your kids sleep at home as you make a reservation at his favorite restaurant. Spend time together, just you and your husband. Forget about your cellphones and stay up late over the weekend just to watch a movie or his favorite show and making love. Everything else can wait!

7. Dress To Impress Him

Before you think about how to seduce your husband, make a stopover, and get yourself some sexy lingerie. Even if you are pregnant and nowhere in shape, getting sexy lingerie is the way to get started. Let your husband get a new one for you, or you two can choose one together. Slip into your newly bought lingerie and give your husband a treat tonight.

8. Foreplay is a Must

When you have been married for long, sex is available all the time. But that does not have to mean you need to dive in straight into the act without any foreplay. How you seduce your husband during foreplay will have a direct impact on much you enjoy the act. Keep the lights low. Turn on some soft music, lit a candle, and try some kissing, caressing, and massaging for heightened pleasure.

9. Give Him the Control Tonight

Are you the one taking control most of the time? Try giving him the control tonight and obey his commands as his imagination runs wild. Man loves authority. Now add your personal touch as you obey his commands and seduce him the way you want.

10. Talk Dirty

So it’s the weekend, and you have to your favorite show together. Snuggle up and when he’s least expecting it, seduce your husband by leaning over him and tell you what exactly you want right now. Give him a glimpse of what’s inside, and don’t forget to wear his favorite perfume.

11. Use the Right Touch

Men can go wild even with a gesture as simple as a touch. Gently sway away your hands on his thighs or give a gentle kiss on his throat, or tweak his nipples with your fingers. The right touch will get him started.

12. Try Some Massage

Who does not love a relaxing massage? And your husband is not an exception. Try some relaxing massage while touching his soft spots and get him in the mood right away.

When using massage to seduce him, set the tone right. Dim the lights, play some soft music and lit scented candles, use aromatic oils, and offer a warm towel. Once you are done, don’t shy away. Just ask him to reciprocate!

13. Tell Him How Much You Like His Body (And What You Like Him to Do)

Men thrive on compliments. It boosts their self-esteem. Tell him how much you like his body. Say things like “I love running my fingers through your hairy chest” or “you turn me on in a special way,” and the options are endless. And don’t forget to compliment him for his sexual performance.

Now take his hand and show exactly what you like him to do. Give him a tour of your soft spots and where you want him to touch, and how.

14. Act As if it is the First Time

Remember the first time you were in bed with your husband? Were you a little nervous? Or enthusiastic? How did you explore his body and how he reacted? Recall everything you felt the first time and try out only the positives. Act as if it is the first time you are having sex with your husband. Go wild, and he will surely give it back. 

15. Make The First Move

When you seduce him, don’t wait for your husband to make the first move. Talk about your needs what you want at the moment. Express your desire and get started with it.

16. Surprise Him

Surprise him with an unusual sex position. Not the ones that you try regularly but something that can give him a full blow. Give him a surprise by setting up something which can arouse him. And get creative. Don’t limit yourself to your bedroom only. You can try setting up your bathroom tonight. A bathtub with warm water and relaxing bath salts as you wait for him. It will immediately give the message across. What happens next is what you really want.

17. Say Yes to Morning Sex

Morning sex! Men love it. Women dread it. After all, there is so much that needs to be done in the morning. Getting the breakfast ready, bathing the kids, packing lunches, and leaving for work on time. Who has time for sex? So why not plan ahead of time. Pack lunches the night before. Prepare a grab and go breakfast for the morning. Leave your work clothes ready that evening. And focus all your energy on that one task your husbands would love first thing in the morning.

Wake him up with your seductive touch under the covers and give an impressive start to his day.

18. Focus on Yourself

Perhaps the last and most important way to seduce your husband is to take care of yourself. Men are inclined towards women who take care of their mind and body.

Seducing your husband is not just about all those subtle acts you perform to get him into the mood. Long-term relationships, such as marriage, demand commitment and focus not only towards your partner but also on yourself.

So while trying some of the ways to seduce your husband, don’t forget that you need to focus on yourself as well:

  • Try taking a balanced diet so you can stay healthy.
  •  Make sure you get some exercise, so you feel good about yourself.
  • Maintain basic hygiene and do a little extra.

Only when you will focus on yourself, you will be in a better position to seduce your husband the right way.

Happy Seducing!

Who says marriages have to be boring and monotonous? Sex does not have to be a chore. With my 18 simple tips on how to seduce your husband, you can get your sex life back on track and be the special wife your husband deserves.