How To Flirt with Your Wife? (Why And What To Do?)

Do you think that, between working jobs, performing house chores, and raising kids, your marriage seems to have gone old and stale? If so, what better way to add a bit of spice and youthful than by a bit of flirting – after all, a mischievous wink or an amorous text is what started things between you and your wife, isn’t it?

However, before we delve into answering ‘how to flirt with your wife’, we need to address the why.

Why is it Important to Flirt with Your Wife?

1. It gives you an emotional high

By making you feel good about yourself and cheering you up, flirting helps you boost your mood. Also, since flirting obviously involves complimenting your wife, it will also make her feel happy and valued.

2. Relieves stress

Flirting means joking around, laughing, and enjoying each other’s attention and affection – all of which contributes to stress reduction.

3. Develops positive energy between the two of you

Like I mentioned earlier, the spark in your marriage often dissipates as the duties and responsibilities pile up. Flirting is a great way to reignite that spark and create uplifting and vibrant energy.

Of course, when you go the extra mile to make your wife feel wanted and pretty, she is bound to become more intimate towards you.

4. Flirting brings your wife closer to you

Speaking of intimacy, let us talk further on how flirting can help bring partners closer to each other.

Flirting with your wife will not only make her feel pretty, but it will also make you think of all those qualities that made you fall for her all those years ago. You will also feel those butterflies that you felt when you first flirted with her, which will serve as a reminder of your wife’s perfection and importance in your life.

5. Eliminates your wife’s insecurities

As time passes, it is common for wives to start thinking that their husbands do not love them anymore.

When you flirt with your wife, you show her that she is appreciated and loved. Hence, insecurities will be thrown out of the window and you will be able to maintain a spicy yet steady relationship.

6. Keeps you motivated

When you have been married for a while, you start taking your wife – and your own self, for that matter – for granted.

When the two of you flirt with each other, you will remain motivated and do whatever you can to remain desirable to each other. For example, you might start working out in an attempt to lose weight, upgrade your dressing sense, or maybe even take up an interesting hobby.

7. Develops interest

When two people have been together for a long time, it is normal for them to lose interest in each other. By now, you might think that your wife is no longer a mystery for you that will keep you hooked.

When you flirt with your wife, it will make you feel like you are meeting her for the first time all over again. You start noticing her like you had not done for quite a while, and that will help reestablish your interest in her.

8. Helps you maintain your appearance

When you and your wife flirt with each other, you will realize that your partner has started to notice you again, and that will compel you to take a sudden interest in how you look.

As a result, this will further increase your interest in and attraction towards your spouse, and lead to a positive feedback loop, helping your marriage and your appearance.

9. Reintroduces dating

While going out on dates is common during the early days of the relationship, it usually stops when the couple has been together for quite some time.

Since flirting works best in social spaces where you are surrounded with a lot of people, you will be compelled to take your wife out on dates for lunch, dinners, or even a quick coffee.

Dating will play its own role in reigniting the fire in your marriage.

Here is How To Flirt With Your Wife:

By now, we hope that you are sold on the idea of flirting with your wife. The next section of this article will discuss how you can go about making that happen.

1. Spend the first hour of the morning with her

Between sending the kids to school on time and getting to your own jobs, spending a blissful morning with your wife might be out of bounds during the weekdays.

However, you can always make this enchanting rendezvous happen on the weekend. Get up before she does and prepare a couple of cups of coffee. As she is getting out of bed, hold her hand and ask her if she would like to have coffee with you.

Head to the backyard, enjoy your coffees together, and notice that your wife looks all the more pretty when the rising sun kisses her smiling face.

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2. Check her out

When your wife puts in the effort of dressing up, she wants you to notice – and to do it in a way that she notices.

When she walks in at the party wearing that smoking black dress, do the following:

  • Stare at her in a flirty and playful manner.
  • Wait for her to notice you checking her out.
  • When her eyes meet yours, give her a subtle smile or wink, unnoticed to the world.

Let her know that, even in a room full of people, you have eyes only for her.

3. Bring out your bad boy

Sure, you might not be the crazy, carefree guy you were during your college years, but it does not mean that you cannot bring out that side every now and then.

So, how to be a bad boy? Just do what all bad boys do – the opposite of what they are supposed to. You could decide to just take an off from work and spend the entire day with your wife, or maybe take her out to the movies on a Wednesday when you are normally in bed by 10.30 PM.

4. Hold her waist or hand

Your wife is your most prized possession, and you should not be afraid to show her off to the world.

The next time you visit the mall or go out for a stroll, do not shy away from holding her by the waist or taking her hand into yours and giving it a gentle squeeze.

5. Compliment her

The most obvious one, but also arguably the easiest and most effective one.

As your husband, it is your job to know her deepest insecurities and your responsibility to drive them away.

Boost her self-confidence by making her feel good about herself. Let her feel attractive and sexy like she used to during your early dating days. You could compliment her in the following ways:

  • “Hey, Victoria’s Secret need a model for their latest collection – you should go for it.”
  • “How can you continue to get beautiful with every passing day?”
  • “That shirt might be five years old, but it still fits you perfectly.”
  • “John’s wife is looking for a bit of inspiration to lose weight – meeting you might help her.”

6. Write notes for her

Surprise your wife with some cute messages or a couple of romantic verses.

You could even plan a treasure hunt for her, using these notes as clues. For the treasure, you can keep something that she has been wanting for a long time. These strings of beautiful surprises, and the fact that you put in the effort to plan and execute something like this, will make her feel like a princess.

7. Tell her how much you love listening to her

Once a woman is married, her husband becomes her lover, best friend, and confidante. Let her know that your wife can talk to you about anything she wants and for as long as she wants.

If she has had a good day, be as excited and happy for her as she is. If she has had a tough day, be her source of comfort. Either way, giving her the undivided attention she deserves is a tremendously underrated flirting technique.

8. Send flirtatious texts

You can flirt with her even when the two of you are not physically together. Texting her about how hot she looked at the dinner last night, will make her smile despite being overwhelmed with work. Following are some other examples of such flirty texts:

  • “If I had a 1-10 scale to rank how pretty you are, I would give you an 11.”
  • “When I come home tonight, can you have something prepared for me, like…your irresistible smile?”
  • “The shining sun reminded me of how hot you looked in that red dress you wore at the party.”
  • “How is your day getting along, beautiful?”

However, if you do not put your phone away even when your wife is with you later in the day, you will undo all the good work that you did earlier in the day.

9. Make up flirty names for her

Using first names are boring. Calling flirty names can make your wife feel attractive and beautiful and will bring her closer to you.

So, the next time you want you wish your wife good morning, throw in a “Hey, sexy” before it. It will go a long way in keeping your wife’s mood elevated throughout the day.

10. Call her

Call her when she least expects you to, like at 12 PM when you are normally buried in work. When she picks up, let her know that the breakfast today was amazing or that you want to take her to dinner tonight or simply that you missed her and wanted to hear her voice.

This is another easy way to flirt with your wife and keep that million-dollar smile on her face all day long.

11. Go to bed with her

Your differing schedules and work commitment mean that you hardly ever go to sleep together.

However, this is not something which should become a regular occurrence. Make sure that you and your wife are going to sleep together, at least every other day.

The fact that you are making sacrifices just so that you can go to bed with your wife will make her feel important and prioritized.

12. Get physically intimate

This is especially important, if your wife is the touchy type. Make her feel loved by kissing her on the cheek or forehead. Hold her close to you while you are watching the TV. Hug her as soon as you return home from work.

Flirting can become tremendously romantic when it involves non-sexual intimacy.

13. Kiss your wife goodbye:

Instead of an “I am leaving!”, give your wife a little kiss every time that you are leaving home.

Soon enough, your wife will start following suit, and, before you know it, stealing kisses before leaving the house will become a routine – just like it was during the initial months of your marriage.

14. Techie flirt:

When your wife isn’t around, take her phone and alter the auto-correct settings so that common words like “Alright” or “The” would change to “You are stunning” or “I love you”.

Enjoy the show as your wife goes puzzled – bewildered – smiling – blushing – laughing.

15. Go on a long drive with her:

Take her somewhere with a beautiful view, like a hill or the seaside, and play her favorite songs along the way. Hold her close to you as the two of you savor the view as well as your presence in each other’s lives.

16. Send food to her workplace:

Few things will please her more than her favorite dish walking over to her just as she is finishing up for lunch. And, of course, the cute note telling her how much she means to you, will not go amiss either.