What Man Wants in His Wife (18 Points Checklist for Women!)

Several studies have been conducted to determine the answer to this most fundamental question: “What do men want in a wife?

Psychologists worldwide agree that one of the most innate and basic human needs a man wants from a woman is nothing but sex. But surprisingly, that’s not the only thing that men want in a wife. There is a lot more than sex, particularly in institutions such as marriages.

Let’s delve deep and find out 18 things that every man wants in his wife.

18 Things That Every Man Wants in His Wife

1. Love and Affection

Men want a wife who is loving and affectionate. While sex remains one of the essential things every man wants, they also need to experience more affection. A simple holding his hand in public, a gentle kiss on his cheek or a loving massage on his shoulders. And the wife can continue to experiment with her display of love and affection, and men generally don’t mind it! The more it is, the better for your relationship.

2. A Good Listener

As men, talking about ourselves is the ultimate reward we can offer to ourselves. It gives us a sense of value, boosts our self-esteem, and activates the brain’s pleasure center. And often, men brag more often than women.

After all, that’s something men use to impress others. And who else would they want to impress more than their better half? A loving husband would always share his accomplishments, successes, and strengths with his wife. So man always looks forward to a partner who is a good listener.

3. Appreciation and Recognition

Men are not apprehensive of displaying their “I don’t care attitude,” but deep down, they need a pat on their back. They want appreciation and recognition. And why not? After all, they are a strong pillar on which the entire family depends, so they deserve recognition.

So the next time your husband flaunts his accomplishments and even if he doesn’t, appreciate him. Through words or actions. Try some of the following

  • Give him a pat on his back, or
  • A round of applause, or maybe
  • A kiss on his cheek.

And while all these are physical ways of appreciating and recognizing your husband’s efforts, there are more subtle, verbal ways of thanking your husband.

  • A sweet thank you,
  • A note of admiration,
  • And the list can go on and on.

4. An Accepting Companion

While men are great at flaunting their accomplishments, they are equally open about disclosing their dark sides. They can freely discuss their fears, weaknesses, mistakes, and failures. So a man really wants a wife who not only listens and celebrates his successes but is also an accepting companion on one of those not-very-pleasant-days in life.

5. A Wife Who Respects Him

Respect is a prerequisite to a lasting relationship, and your marriage is not an exception. Every husband looks forward to a wife who respects him, and respect from a wife can reflect in several ways.

  • When he is talking, listen intently,
  • Avoid “eye rolls” when things don’t go your way,
  • Avoid making negative comments about his plans and
  • Generally being considerate towards him.

6. Someone Who Makes Him Feel Important

While listening is one of the most critical aspects of communication, another significant component is talking. A man would always want a wife who can make him feel important through her words. When a wife listens to all that her husband has to share and processes it to give the right response, she makes him feel important, boosts his self-esteem, and the man feels like he is the hero.

After all, men are raised to be heroes. Not the superheroes with capes but the ones who are always there to nurture and protect their loved ones!

7. A Partner They Can Trust


I cannot emphasize how important trust is for every relationship but particularly for marriage. It takes time and effort to build trust, and it cannot happen overnight. But as you two stay together and learn to listen and hold each other’s secrets and promises, only then there is trust in your relationship.

But men want it from the very start!

8. Not Much Chitter-Chatter

Husbands want to talk, but they are not very good at listening.

But women believe otherwise.

The reality is that after a long tiring day, husbands are often so drained they don’t have the energy to bear a lot of chatter. So if you are a wife who waits for her husband to return from home so he can listen to all your chitter-chatter, find an alternative because husbands don’t like much talking.

9. A Fantastic Home Organizer

“Home is where the heart is.” After a long and tiring day at work, everyone wants to return to a clean and tidy place they can call home. It is almost impossible to live, let alone enjoy, with your partner when the sink is full of dirty dishes, there are piles of laundry, and you are in a deep mess. Even finding your car keys may seem like a challenge!

While keeping the house clean and organized is not always a woman’s job, when a wife does that, she gets a special place in her husband’s heart.

10. A Partner in Crime

Men love adventure, and they love it even more when their better-half is along. What a man wants in a wife is often a partner in crime. Husbands prefer women who can accompany them on adventurous trips because adventures satisfy a man’s innate need. He feels stronger and more powerful, and when the wife accompanies him, he gets a chance to flaunt his strengths and accomplishments.

11. A Support System

Moreover, husbands love wives who accompany them during adventures and offer support and encouragement. When a wife brings out her husband’s adventurous side and doesn’t try to stop him, this boosts a man’s self-esteem. And this not only applies to supporting during adventurous trips but also applies to life in general. A man feels more substantial when he has a supporting partner, and he won’t forget his wife’s encouragement. Together, all of this fosters a bond that only grows stronger with time.

12. A Wife Who Lets Him Lead

We are all born leaders, but men want to be leaders, especially when it comes to their families. Men look forward to women who let them lead the household. But that doesn’t mean you can boss around the house and give no respect to your wife. It merely means to be the head of the family with your wife by your side.

13. Someone Who Provides Space

Just because a husband and wife are married does not mean that they are just a couple and not an individual with needs. It is common among the relationship that women demand independence, but they often fail to reciprocate.

Husbands, too, need some time for themselves so they can re-energize and add more value to your relationship. And this is precisely why men want a wife who can give them independence and space. They love and admire women who let their husbands pursue their plans over the weekends or during free-hours. A woman who encourages self-time on his off days instead of ‘eye-roll’.

14. Is Tender and Shows it

But as much of a free-spirit that a man may be, he always resorts back to the love of his life. And when a man returns home, he wants to be treated with love and affection. Husbands would always want a wife who is affectionate and shows this affection through physical actions. Cuddles, hugs, and kisses are some of the ways through which men expect to be loved by their wives.

15. A Woman Who is Strong

In a relationship, very often, physical attraction is an essential factor. A man may love the way his wife moves her long messy hair, but physical features are often incomplete without a good personality. Men usually agree with the saying that “beauty is only skin deep.” So they desire something more. A little extra apart from the looks.

Men want a strong wife. Because often, a woman’s strength drives a man’s strength. And here, we don’t mean to have a wife who can lift more weight than her husband, but it’s about a woman who can deal with her problems, make difficult decisions and stick to them, and can deal with anything that life throws at her.

16. Is Funny

And when a good sense of humor accompanies strength, it is a perfect duo. Men love a romantic sense of humor, and when it comes to their life partner, it sounds even better.

17. Who Knows When to Say “No”

What a husband wants in his wife is a little selfishness.

Yes, you read it right.

A woman who always gives soon burns out and no husband would want this to happen. Whether a woman is selflessly giving to her husband or the family, a genuinely loving husband never wants his wife to continue to provide and burn out as a result. Men want their wives to take care of themselves so they, too, can enjoy life to its fullest.

18. A Partner Who is Amazing in Bed

And it all comes down to the basics. Sex is an innate need for both men and women. A man would always want a wife who is fantastic in bed. They want to experience the sexual connection, which is far more profound than the act itself because it is this connection that keeps a relationship going.

What Man Wants in His Wife – In a Nutshell

Who says men are not complicated, and all they want is sex? A husband’s needs are complicated. Men don’t always crave sharp curves and smooth touch. In a respected institution like marriage, a man wants his wife to be a good listener, organizer, adventurer, a partner in everything, and an entire support system that is not entirely selfless. Because men are not always selfish. They want a wife who can take care of herself so she, too, can continue to live the life she desires.

After all, all men love their wives!