Is It Too Late To Get My Ex Back? (Let’s Find Out!)

No! It’s not!

It’s never too late to get an ex back unless they have clearly moved on and are in a committed relationship. If your ex-partner is still single or is in a casual relationship with no strings attached, then you can rekindle the romance you two once had.

No amount of time can render a breakup irreversible. Couples can get back together, even after staying away from one another for many years. The passage of time doesn’t determine whether it’s too late to get an ex back or not; how your relationship ended does.

If the reasons for your breakup with your partner weren’t the typical ones, such as miscommunication, then you need to analyze why you two broke up in the first place because that will help you decide if it’s too late to get your ex back or not.

Here is a list of breakup causes that are almost impossible to undo, hence making the end of a relationship permanent.

Too Late To Get My Ex Back

Reasons You Will Never Get Your Ex Back

1. There Were Multiple Incidents of Cheating

If you and your ex parted ways because either one of you kept cheating on the other person, then perhaps it’s too late to get your ex back. Nothing melts away the trust in a relationship like an infidelity does, especially if it happens more than once.

If you had cheated on your partner on multiple occasions when the two of you were together, they are not going to trust you again no matter how sincerely you ask for another chance.

2. There Was Emotional or Physical Abuse Involved

Abuse can leave behind a long-standing trauma that stays with the victim for a long time. If your relationship ended because of abuse from either side, then it’s too late to get your ex back.

I’m guessing that you must be the abuser if you want to get back with your once-partner. If that’s so, you should quietly walk away from them and disappear for good because it’s the best thing that you can do for them. You have already caused them unimaginable pain, don’t add to their misery even if you have changed because seeing you will only bring back harrowing memories for them.

If you genuinely care about your ex, let them be and just be happy for them.

3. Your Ex Has Moved On

When people get into long term commitments after a breakup, it’s usually done after much consideration. Nobody enters a new relationship without thinking it through when the last one ended badly. If your former partner has moved on and is now in a loving relationship with someone else, let them enjoy life.

Besides, if they have fallen in love with someone, they most certainly wouldn’t have feelings for you. So, why would you want to be with someone who wouldn’t reciprocate your feelings?

Let your one that got away remain so and look for love elsewhere.

4. You Have Already Tried Everything

You have already begged, pleaded, stalked, and harassed your ex, but nothing worked, and they have told you straight up that they don’t want to be with you. When someone tells you they are over you, it’s your cue to leave them alone and move on. If that’s happened with you, you need to walk away with dignity instead of groveling in front of your former partner.

Loving someone so much that you are okay with debasing yourself is not healthy. You can’t expect a person to love and respect you when you yourself do not. If your ex has made themselves clear about their feelings for you time and time again, you should stop asking them to get back together.

If you have encountered any of the mentioned scenarios, you should know it’s too late for you to get your ex back. But if that’s not the case, then you should try to get them back because, as I said, it’s never too late to win a former lover back.

That said, you need to be sure that you want your ex back, and this yearning to be with them again is not just your loneliness getting the best of you.

Are You Sure You Want Your Ex Back?

Humans can be quite tactless at times, especially when it comes to being in a relationship. Many times, two people date for a while but fail to rightly love and cherish one another. Consequently, they end up parting ways. And it’s only then that they realize they sabotaged a beautiful thing by being utterly ignorant.

Long story short, we tend to acknowledge the importance of things and people in our lives when they are no more with us. And there’s no denying that the emptiness and pain after a loss can be all-consuming.

If that’s how you have been feeling ever since you broke up with your last partner, then perhaps you should get them back. But be a hundred percent certain about your feelings before making a move because if you reach out to them for the wrong reasons, it’s not going to work out, and you’ll only end up hurting them and yourself.

Not sure about your emotions? Here are some tips that’ll help you figure them out.

Are You Ready To Admit Your Mistakes?

When a relationship goes south, it’s usually because of slip-ups on both sides. Unless your partner cheated on you or you cheated on them, the chances are that you both are partially responsible for the breakup. If you are ready to accept your shortcomings, and sincerely apologize to your partner for what you did wrong, then you must genuinely want them back.

Generally, when people realize their mistakes, it’s because they have acquired clarity of thought. And that’s only possible if the feelings of remorse and longing are real. If you check the box of ‘I also made mistakes, and I’m ready to apologize’ off, you should know that you miss your ex for real.

You Wish You Had Done Things Differently

If you often find yourself thinking about the past and how you should have acted in certain situations, it’s most likely a sign that you have realized what your ex means to you.

You Only Feel Positive Emotions

Introspection is a fail-safe way to puzzle out the sincerity of your feelings. How? Flip through your emotions and categorize them as positive or negative.

When I say positive feelings, I don’t just mean happy, all-good emotions; instead, all those sentiments that do not involve hurting your ex or wishing ill upon them. For instance, jealousy, vengeance, hatred; all such emotional responses are, of course, negative. But sadness, remorse, or guilt; all these are oddly positive because they don’t hurt your ex in any way.

If you genuinely want to get back with your once-companion, then you will only have positive sentiments for them.

All these signs should be enough to tell you that you are still in love with your former partner. If, however, your feelings lack sincerity, then you don’t actually want your ex back.

Now that you have sorted your thoughts, you should consider the probability of getting your ex back. That is, figure out if you can get your former partner back. Obviously, if they have moved on, then you need to consider moving on. If not, then try with all your might to win them back, regardless of how long it’s been since your breakup.

Planning to Win an Ex Back

Time may seem like an unbridgeable wedge between two people, but it’s not.

As corny as it sounds, the fact is that true love can stand the test of time. When feelings are genuine, ex-lovers can overcome the distance created by time. So, if you earnestly want to win your former companion back, you can do that even if a decade has passed since the breakup.

However, time can make things a bit complicated, so you need to try your best to show your ex how much they mean to you.

People change with time. If you and your once-lover parted ways a while ago, and you are thinking about getting back together, be prepared to notice changes in the other party’s personality.

I would suggest you both don’t jump back into a relationship as soon as your ex agrees to see you again, instead start over and take it slow initially. Make up for the lost time and spend as much time together as possible. Get to know one another so that you know what you are getting yourself into before you make any major commitments. 

And most importantly, be completely open and honest with one another because a lack of communication is, more often than not, the chief culprit of drifting two people apart. So, don’t make that mistake, especially when your relationship is hanging on by a thread.

That’s not to say that you need to walk on eggshells around your partner; if anything, it’s actually the opposite. Be yourself entirely; if your growing relationship survives that, then you will know that you both are in it for the long haul.