How To Tease a Girl Over Text (10 Ideas with Examples!)

Teasing a girl who you’re into is an age-old technique to get her to fall for you. It’ll excite her and grab her attention. Whether you choose to make fun of her, call her nicknames or accuse her of hitting on you, I guarantee you these tricks will do the job.

Here is everything you need to know about how to tease a girl as well as 10 of the best examples that’ll have her falling all over you!

What Does It Mean to Tease a Girl?

Before I get to how to tease her, you should know just how important teasing is. I will start by defining what exactly I mean when I use the word ‘tease’.

According to Louis Farfields, a TextGod who has a Ph.D. in teasing “A tease is a playful statement that’s designed to provoke the target and elicit an emotional reaction”.

You might think that you’ve outgrown it and it’s not something that grown men do but that’s where you’re wrong! Coming from someone who has teased women, trust me when I tell you that no matter how old a girl is, whether she’s 6 or 16, she will love being teased.

Why Do Girls Like Guys Who Tease Them?

There are many reasons why girls love this. Number one is humor; as you know one of the first few things a girl looks at in a guy is his sense of humor. If he’s not able to make her laugh, then boy-bye!  By teasing her you, are showing her that sense of humor that will attract her to you.

The second reason is confidence. By teasing her, you are proving to her that you aren’t one of those cheesy types who will just keep complimenting her. It’ll show her that you are daring enough to joke around and tease her. Lightly teasing her will let her know that she has to work to be with you and that you aren’t available on a platter. Eventually, this will help build her interest in you even further.

What Should You Know Before Teasing Her?

1. Don’t Overdo It

I thought I should just give you a heads-up before you decide to tease her and things go the opposite way. Something you need to be careful of when teasing a girl you like is knowing where to draw the line.

If you overdo it, you could come off as arrogant and cocky and that will just set a bad impression of you. Tease her but know your limits and know when to stop. If you feel she’s getting serious or annoyed, then stop.

2. Know What To Joke About

Another thing to keep in mind is the subject matter. You should know what you can joke about and what you can’t. There may be something she’s sensitive to so make a note of that and don’t joke about it.

As a blanket rule, there are some things you should never joke about as it could cause her to get offended and even stop talking to you. Examples of this include her weight, her family, something in her past that she’s ashamed of, etc.

How To Tease Her Over Text

1. Call Her Nicknames

One of the most effective ways of teasing a girl over text is by calling her nicknames. These nicknames can be anything generic like ‘shorty’ if she’s not very tall or can even be an inside joke between the two of you. For example, if she’s a terrible singer you can teasingly call her by a singer’s name. You can even make a funny nickname, according to her actual name.

By calling a girl a nickname, you are not only showing off your sense of humor to her but are also showing that you have the confidence to call her whatever you like, which is something most women find sexy.

2. Pose a Challenge To Her

Tease her by telling her that there’s no way she’d be able to beat you in a specific challenge. You can say something like, “Oh please babe, I can easily beat you in X”.  She’ll probably argue with you, telling you that you can’t. Tell her that the next time you two hang out, you will test that theory and bet on it. You can set conditions on the bet to make it more fun, for instance, the loser has to be the winner’s slave for a day. 

Through this kind of banter, you are building sexual tension and making her fall for you by acting macho and strong.

3. Disagree With Something She Said

By letting her know that you disagree with something she said, you are provoking her in a light and fun manner. For example, if she argues that romantic comedies are the best genre of movies out there, you can disagree by saying something like, “No way you’re so lame, there’s far better stuff out there.

By saying that, you are implying that you won’t agree with everything she says, which is something that girls don’t find attractive anyway. You’re showing her that you’re a man who has his own opinions, while at the same time teasing her. Instead of calling her lame, you could have just said the latter, but by doing so, you’re getting a reaction out of her.

4. Send Her Memes and Gifs

An advantage of living in the 21st century is that you can communicate through memes and gifs. Tease her by sending her relevant memes and gifs that will make her laugh while rolling her eyes at you.

They can even be sent as responses to her messages. There are a bunch of options available out there so take your pick and choose one that you think will really bug her. It could even start a gif/meme war between you two that will make things so much more interesting and exciting!

5. Mimic Her

A simple way to tease a girl is by mimicking what she’s saying. For instance, if she texts you saying, ” Omg, I’m soooo mad at you”, send her a voice note saying the same thing in her voice.

Keep doing it till she’s had enough. Not only will it be funny and make her secretly laugh, but it’ll also be a big turn-on for her to see that you have the audacity to joke like that with her.

6. Treat Her Like a Child

Believe it or not, every girl secretly loves being treated like a child by her man. There’s just something sexy about it, even though they will never actually admit it. By treating her like a child, you will get her in the mood and create some sexual tension.

Use terms like “young lady” or “little one” to create that effect. You can even make it more playful by threatening to punish her jokingly, for example, saying something like, “I think somebody needs a little spanking“. It’ll excite her and step up the banter between you two.

7. Accuse Her of Hitting on You

Teasing her about hitting on you will only leave her more interested than before. She’ll be turned on by your wit and guts to accuse her of something like that jokingly. You can say something like, “ Stop trying to seduce me you, naughty girl” or even as simple as “Are you hitting on me”? That way even if the idea hasn’t yet crossed her mind, you just planted it there!

8. Make Fun of Her

You must have seen this old-school tactic in all the old chick flicks. It’s a timeless way of teasing a girl and getting her to fall for you. Make fun of her by targeting something about her, for example, how nerdy she looks with her glasses or how cute her dimple looks.

Make sure to keep it light and friendly and not target something she’s sensitive about.

Pro tip: Don’t EVER and by that, I mean EVER joke about a woman’s weight, which definitely won’t go well.

By making fun of her, you won’t be the boring guy who’s always swooning over her, let’s face it, no girl wants that. Instead, you’ll be this interesting not-so-jerk-jerk who’s gotten her attention.

9. Tell Her You Can’t Know Her Anymore

Tease her over something she said by telling her you can’t be “friends anymore”. For example, if she likes a movie that isn’t your cup of tea, you can text her something like, “I can’t believe you even watched that, we totally can’t be friends anymore“. By saying that, you are making things fun and interesting and keeping the spark between you two alive.

10. Stereotype Her

Stereotype her according to her profession or where she’s from. For example, if she’s a lawyer you can say something like, “Oops I should be careful about what I say around you, you lawyer“.

If she’s from an area with a hot climate, you can say something like, “Hey, are you sure you didn’t bring the heat with you“? This is a teasing remark that is also an open door to flirting, so you’re giving her that opportunity too.

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed these 10 ways to tease a girl. Now go and try them out with your girl.