100 Open-Ended Ques To Ask a Girl (For Interesting Convo!)

They say the best way to get to know a girl is to ask her open-ended questions. Not only will it give you a glimpse of her personality and help you decide whether you like her or not, but it will also keep the convo flowing.

I have to no idea what to ask her!” – sounds familiar? You can ask her general questions, such as her perspective on things or personal questions that she may feel comfortable answering after she gets to know you a little more.

Open-ended questions allow you to have an engaging conversation with her and get a deeper insight into her.

How You Ask Questions Matter

Before delving into the top 100 open-ended questions to ask a girl you like, how you ask her these questions is equally as important as the questions that you are going to ask her.

Ease her into them and ask in a casual and subtle manner. Keep things light and friendly. Let her take her time to respond to your questions and when she does, make sure to respond with a compliment or an interesting comment, which is something that girls look for.

She should get the feeling that you are listening and are actually interested in her answers and not just asking questions to kill time. 

Top Open-Ended Questions To Ask A Girl You Just Met Or Are Getting To Know

Whether you just met her or are getting to know her, these questions can be asked over text or in person, whatever you’re comfortable with!

A Girl You Just Met

If you just met a girl, the last thing you’d want to do is scare her off. There are probably a million things you want to know about her and you will, but you have to take it super slow at the start.

Avoid asking her super intense questions as she could get uncomfortable and overwhelmed. Save the deep questions for later and start with the fun and simple ones that will grab her attention.

These 50 questions are perfect for a girl you recently met and don’t really know. They are also an excellent icebreaker and will give you room to get to know her as well:

  1. What do you like to do in your free time?
  2. What are your goals/ambitions?
  3. What places have you traveled to? What was your favorite one?
  4. Favorite toy in your childhood?
  5. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received and who was it from?
  6. What countries are on your bucket list?
  7. What’s your idea of the perfect morning?
  8. What’s your favorite food?
  9. How do you spend your weekends?
  10. What are you most passionate about in life?
  11. What motivates you to get up in the morning?
  12. What’s your biggest fear?
  13. Name the top five things on your bucket list.
  14. What’s the last book you read?
  15. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  16. If you had one superpower, what would it be?
  17. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  18. What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?
  19. What’s the most ridiculous rule you have for yourself?
  20. If you could be one fictional character, who would it be?
  21. What’s your favorite nickname that people call you by?
  22. Are you ticklish?
  23. What are you most attracted to in a person?
  24. Do you have any pets? Name them.
  25. What kind of music do you listen to?
  26. Do you like horror movies?
  27. Who’s your favorite celebrity?
  28. What does your name mean?
  29. What’s your favorite color?
  30. What’s your favorite thing about this city/town?
  31. Are you more of a pizza person or Chinese?
  32. What makes you, you?
  33. What’s the one movie you know by heart?
  34. What’s your favorite holiday?
  35. Are you more of a country girl or a city girl?
  36. What’s your favorite TV show?
  37. What’s one thing you love the most about yourself?
  38. What’s your idea of an ideal vacation?
  39. If there was a fire and you had to grab three things from your house, what would they be?
  40. Have you ever cried while watching a movie?
  41. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  42. Who’s your best friend?
  43. When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  44. What’s your idea of a perfect date?
  45. Who’s the most interesting person you’ve ever met?
  46. What was your favorite game growing up?
  47. What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?
  48. What was your favorite part of this week?
  49. What makes you happy more than anything else?
  50. What would you do if you were having a bad day?

A Girl You Are Getting To Know

Let’s say it’s been a while since you started speaking to her, maybe you two even just started dating. You got the small talk questions out of the way and now, it’s time to get on to the bigger fish.

She is probably way more comfortable with you than she was in the beginning, so you can now ask her more personal questions. Get to know her beyond the surface by asking her deeper questions.

However, you don’t want to make it sound like you’re interviewing her. I once went on a date where my ex asked me one question after the other like I was at a job interview; the relationship didn’t last too long after that.

Subtly slide in the questions during a conversation. Balance them out and throw in a lighter one here and there so that she doesn’t get bored.

Here are 50 of the perfect ones:

  1. If you could achieve any of your dreams, what would it be?
  2. What do you think is the secret to happiness?
  3. What’s something that has had a big impact on your life?
  4. What kind of qualities do you look for in another person?
  5. If you could get paid to do anything, what would be the best thing for you?
  6. What’s one thing you would want to change about yourself?
  7. What would you do if your friend let you down?
  8. If you found out you only have 24 hours to live, what would you spend your time doing?
  9. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
  10. What’s the one thing you absolutely suck at?
  11. How do you imagine your life ten years from now?
  12. How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?
  13. What’s your biggest regret?
  14. What are you the most grateful for?
  15. Who’s the one person who changed your life the most?
  16. How do you measure success?
  17. Who’s your biggest role model?
  18. What’s your favorite family tradition?
  19. What person in your life do you look up to the most?
  20. If you could give your younger self any one piece of advice, what would it be?
  21. What’s the one quality you can’t stand in a person?
  22. What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
  23. If you got stuck in an elevator, who’s the one person you would want to be stuck with?
  24. What’s your go-to move when trying to get a guy?
  25. What’s your life motto?
  26. What event in your life changed you?
  27. What do you consider the most important thing in a relationship?
  28. What’s one thing no one knows about you?
  29. What’s a deal-breaker for you when it comes to relationships?
  30. What’s your idea of cheering someone up?
  31. If you could change your life in any way, what would it be?
  32. What do you think the world needs to be a better place?
  33. What keeps you up at night?
  34. How would you hit on someone, what’s your go-to move?
  35. Do you have any insecurities?
  36. If you weren’t doing the job that you are at the moment, what would you be doing?
  37. What has been the best year of your life so far and why?
  38. Do you believe in destiny?
  39. Do you think that soul mates exist?
  40. What’s your take on love at first sight?
  41. What’s the funniest joke you’ve ever heard?
  42. If you could be any animal, which one would you be?
  43. How would you say you are different to your younger self?
  44. What would you want to wake up to in the morning?
  45. What achievement are you most proud of?
  46. What was your worst date so far?
  47. What’s your hidden talent?
  48. If you had to define love, how would you define it?
  49. Would you describe yourself as spiritual?
  50. If you had to choose between money or love, which one would you pick and why?