Flirt With a Guy Over Text (15 Ways to Get Your Flirting Game On)

Texts are modern-day love letters. So if you want to get your flirting game on, all you gotta do is drop those texts!

According to sex expert, Sean Jameson, what’s important to remember when flirting over text messages is that ‘flirty texts should be used as spice, not the main course’. By this, he simply means that you should balance out the flirty texts and not overdo them as they could lose their charm then. 

15 Ways To Flirt With A Guy Over Text

While there are countless ways to flirt with a guy over text, here are our top 15 tips that could help get your game on:

1. Make It Personal

Generic messages like “Hey, what’s up?” can be quite boring. They won’t get a guy’s attention because it could be anyone sending those messages.

If you want to flirt with him and make him interested in you, you’re going to have to make it a bit more personal. Something that will grab his attention and get him hooked.

For instance, text him something that only you or his close friends know about him. It could be anything he likes, such as his favorite sport or his favorite band.

2. The First Message Should Be Engaging

It’s all about that first text. If the first message is dull and monotonous, then you’ve basically ruined your chances. Work a bit on that first message before sending it. It will set the tone for the rest of your conversation.

Make sure you say something that will open up the door to an interesting conversation. Start with sending something playful; it can be a special memory or something that reminds you of him. This will keep them engaged and get the hint across.

3. Use His Name

Taking his name during a conversation just hits differently. Occasionally, drop in his name while texting him. Not only will this grab his attention but it will make him feel closer to you.

Another option is to use his nickname, something that maybe only people close to him call him by to strengthen the connection between you two.

4. Drop In a Compliment

Everyone likes to hear something nice about themselves. But you have to be careful. There’s a fine line between flirty and being cheesy. Make sure you don’t overdo the compliments and just subtly slide it in, making him feel special but not too special that he loses interest.

A perfect example would be, “I had fun last night, maybe you’re not so bad to hang with after all”. This way, you’re keeping it interesting while letting him know that you’re into him.

5. Send Him a Hot Selfie

If you want to spice up the conversation a bit and make it flirty, don’t be shy to drop in a hot selfie. It will definitely grab his interest and make him get all kinds of ideas about you.

To step it up, you can always add a personal message with it. For example “Just me and my bed tonight”. It’s a subtle way of telling him that you want him in your bed while not directly saying it. It will turn him on and keep the conversation engaging.

6. Make Him Laugh

One of the best ways that you can flirt with a guy, whether it’s on text or in person, is by making him laugh. If you’re able to do that, then you’ve got him hooked.

When a guy laughs at a message he has received from you, half the work is already done and he’s falling for you. Remember not to try too hard and keep it natural. It can be an inside joke or something you found funny, as long as it will bring a smile to his face.

7. Build a Reference To The Last Time You Were Together

By bringing up the last time that you two were together, you’re letting him know that you’re interested. It could be the same night, the next morning or even a few days later. However, I would recommend that you do it sooner than later because you don’t want him losing interest.

The ideal time would be the next morning, but no later than that. Let him know that you had a great time, or that you keep thinking about last night. If you want to take it a step further, you can tell him that you can’t stop thinking about how good he looked last night.

8. Send Him Memes

Flirting is made so much easier in today’s day and age because half the work is already done for you. If you’re not ready to send him flirty texts, send him memes instead.

There are so many of them available out there that are subtle and flirty and are just the perfect way to kickstart your conversation with him. You can send it by saying something like, ‘lol how funny is that’ or ‘that reminds me of someone here’ hinting at him. See how he responds and take it on from there.

9. Play a Guessing Game

Games are always a fun way to keep a conversation going and you can make them flirty as well. Who said they can’t be played over text? One of the best ways that you can flirt with a guy or get him to know you better is to play a guessing game with him.

Start with simple things like guessing your favorite color and then move on to more PG-13 things like guessing the color of your underwear. It will stir the conversation while keeping things flirty and fun.

10. Build the Anticipation

Instead of giving him everything on a platter, keep your texts a bit mysterious. Build the anticipation, as that is what will keep him interested. This includes not replying to him instantly, make him wait for it.

You’d be surprised at how powerful delayed gratification is when it comes to flirting. Get him so engaged in the conversation that he’s sitting waiting for your replies.

11. Use Emojis

This is a simple yet effective tool when it comes to flirting over text. To keep things juicy, use emojis that are relevant to your conversation. There’s a huge variety available so pick the ones that seem most interesting to you.

Some of them can be flirty and can help you step up your game. One of the best examples of this is the kissing face emoji; it is flirty yet not too out there.

12. Tease Him

This is probably the oldest one in the book, yet you’d be surprised at how effective it can be. It is a timeless flirting technique and one that works well over text. Make fun of him in a gentle manner, without it getting too serious.

Keep it light, bug him about his habits or his fears but make sure that he’s not sensitive about it as that could end badly. Come up with funny nicknames for him. It will be cute yet flirty.

13. Have Random Bets With Him

By having random bets with him, you get an excuse to hang out with him. For example, the loser has to take the winner out for dinner, or the loser has to be the winner’s slave for a day. It’s all fun and games and is a great way to hit it off with someone.

This way, you’re not directly asking him out, yet you’re getting to go out with him. You can place bets on anything small and meaningless, from political stuff to silly facts, such as ‘can ducks fly’. It’s basically just an excuse to speak and hang out with him so the topic of the bet doesn’t matter.

14. Use a Pick Up Line On Him

Using a cheesy pick-up line on him. You can always pretend that it was a joke. It’s an icebreaker that will get him to laugh and will make the conversation more relaxed. Even if you act like it was a total joke, it’s still flirty and will let him know that you’re interested.

An example of this is “Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?” It will have you both lol-ing and is an excellent way to reduce any awkwardness.

15. Leave Him Wanting More

I cannot emphasize how important this is! If you’re too available, he will get bored of you and become uninterested real fast. To keep things interesting, you have to leave him wanting more at the end of every conversation.

This means that you shouldn’t wait for the conversation to hit a dead-end before ending it. Leave it just at the point where you two are engaged in the conversation. Tell him that you’re going to hit the sack and that you will speak to him tomorrow or that you’re going for dinner with your girls so you will text him after. This is a tactic to guarantee him texting you and also keeps it fun and interesting.

Make Him Fall For You Over Text

With these 15 tips and tricks, you can surely get any guy to fall for you over text. Just get your flirting game on and the results will be mind-blowing!