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Will Your Ex Come Back After No Contact? (Let’s Understand!)

All the love, the magic, the nights out – everything both of you shared has vanished, and you are contemplating if your ex will ever come back after no contact. Using the no-contact method might ease the work for you if you utilize it well.

So, will your ex come back after no contact?

Yes, your ex can come back after no contact. There is a 65% chance that you can both rekindle all you had and make it successful. It depends on if they still have feelings for you. Also, if you again didn’t deceive nor cheat on them, they may come back too.

1. You both resolved the reason why you broke up

In case you resolved the reason as to why you broke up, then be positively ascertained that your ex will come back. If your ex didn’t know why you broke up, it is best to explain and resolve it. That way, your ex will know that you are determined to make the relationship work. 

2. Your ex feels that interaction with you seems terrific

If, per se, you had already resolved everything, then your ex will want to know what next. Don’t get it wrong; after resolving the issue, that will not be the end of things. Your ex will want to feel a type of exciting connection with you. 

To ascertain that the interactions need to feel amicable and wonderful. Always be perfect at creating all emotional interactions. This will enhance the relationship and even up the chances of your relationship to be permanent. 

3. You never give up 

People who have gotten back to each other typically have this virtue. It is noteworthy that your ex will go round and round trying to get around and give hints. There’s a distinct stage known as “Riding The Dragon” wherein your ex gives you different messages.  

Sometimes they’ll be cold and sometimes become too romantic and affectionate. You will unequivocally experience positive pullbacks, amongst other things on the way. 

However, if you give up because of this pattern, then forget getting back to your ex successfully. Don’t give up. Don’t retreat. Should you discover what it is, you want then focus and hang in there. You will eventually come out victorious. 

4. You wisely utilized the no-contact rule

It is noteworthy that there are various no-contact types. The commonest is called the active no contact rule. As mentioned earlier, if the only thing you are doing is not communicating, getting back is limited. Your ex will figure out that you are still the same. 

However, by wisely utilizing no contact, your ex will see a better novel version of you. You will show your ex that they won’t regret coming back, which is what people love; assurance. Be sure of a healthy relationship by wisely using no contact. 

5. You got out of the unimpressive damage control zone/mode

This is to refer to the mental anxiety and panic mode that exes find themselves in post-breakup. Time doesn’t heal all wounds. It could down-turn volumes of such situations. 

However, if you have not resolved some issues, it is easy to feel prey to this mode. If you hear that your ex has started dating, mitigate the chances of going into damage control mode. It is vital to avoid getting in this mode to increase the chances of your ex coming back. 

6. Your ex feels terrible about the breakup

Should they feel upset about the occurring breakup and become sad, you will certainly be assured of them coming back. However, it would be best if you still utilized no contact to enable them to know how it feels without you. 

7. They miss you often

It is easy to miss a person but not want them back. Nevertheless, should your ex say that they miss everything about you, they are vulnerable wholly with you. This is admitting that the separation is rigid on them, and they’ll want to come back to reduce their post-breakup pains. 

8. Your ex starts using pet names again

If after the first tongue slip of calling you your pet name, then you have your answer. Names like bae, boo, hun, and love indicate an affectional emotion towards you. Using pet names show that they have started viewing you in such a capacity. 

What To Do When Your Ex Comes Back After No Contact?

Prior to deciding how and if you would engage with your ex, it is vital to comprehend the reasons as to why they came back. So you have succeeded in executing the no contact, voila! 

Here’s what you need to do when your ex comes back after no contact. Please don’t assume that things will go about as they were initially and then try to know the reason for their comeback. You should also talk honestly with your ex, figure out if you still need them. Never should you stalk them and always ascertain that you have the upper hand.  

Here is a more detailed answer on what to do when your ex comes back after no contact:

  1. Never easily engage them
  2. Have the upper hand
  3. Don’t forget the reason that led to the breakup and notice your current progress in life
  4. Converse honestly
  5. Never stalk them
  6. Know how you feel about them coming back
  7. Figure out what they were up to during the breakup
  8. Relive your breakup mentally
  9. Figure out if you still want them back

1. Never easily engage them

 It’s never worth it all. Should your ex plan to come back after they hurt you, then it is undeniably true that their return intentions are not necessarily right. Let them respect you. Don’t instantly deal with them if you feel that engaging them will bring forth herein distress. Always do and be you; you matter in this case. Know their intentions even if you were so in love with them. 

2. Have the upper hand 

You can start being polite and good to them if they won’t mess your aura and progress. By doing so, you’ll be able to have the upper hand and maintain and control everything. If they were attempting to piss you off, they won’t succeed because you should play smart and cool. Assess first and know if talking to them is something you can handle. 

3. Don’t forget the reasons that led to the breakup, and notice your current progress in life

Do you feel that after they left, life became better in various ways? The relationship might have been good initially, but it could have been fate. It took efforts and time to clear the relationship over, so now things are a bit different.

So it would help if you comprehended things objectively. If both of you were meant to be, then work it out slowly. You are worth all the efforts to work hard for, so they also need to be genuinely trying to work it up. All in all, do not over-analyze or overthink the situation that your ex is back.  

4. Converse honestly 

When you feel it’s the appropriate time to do so, perhaps you can talk about everything that happened and how you felt. Maybe this conversation could lead to closure and growth, leaving you second-guessing what went astray and how you could have changed. Express all your feelings honestly about everything and how the breakup impacted you. You can listen to their side too and respond after thinking carefully. If they care enough, they will listen and try to work it out.  

5. Never stalk them 

This is sometimes sheer impossible, especially if you are those people who don’t like hurting people’s feelings. Mitigate any urge to check about their life or romantic interests yet. To resist these urges of stalking them, you can even delete their number or block them. 

Right now, your feelings are relevant. Your mental health is important too, and you shouldn’t get very comfortable trying to bring back the olden days. 

 6. Know how you feel about them coming back

This is very crucial. Do not fall prey to your previous mindset that you had during the relationship. Halt and contemplate how you feel about the comeback. Are you still in love with them? Take note if you still love or care about your spouse. Should everything seem okay, then go ahead. 

7. Figure out what they were up to during the breakup

After no contact talk, ask around and even check on what and who they were up to. They unequivocally must have been around allies, but they only wanted some action if they were dating many people. To consider getting back know if they were respectable towards the entire situation.  

8. Relive your breakup mentally

It could be arduous to do, but it is best to discover if you want them back. Should the breakup be ugly, then contemplate the benefits of going back with such a person. A great breakup will help you know that now’s the perfect time for rekindling the love again. 

9. Figure out if you still want them back

What do you want with your ex now that they’re back? Well, it’s all dependent on what makes you happy. It is noteworthy that the relationship may have finalized on better terms, or there was no perfect timing for both of you. Should that have been the case, then getting back is a smarter option. Your emotions are going to aid you in selecting the best path. Think about the bigger picture, and you’ll make the right choice. 

1. The last breakup was bad

When you fought, perhaps you shouted at each other and called names. Should this be the case, then it is improbable that they’d want another such occurrence because of the pain or trauma. 

2. All contacts are cut short

 Typically if your breakup were messy, there’d be an existential no-contact rule. This rule, as mentioned earlier, benefits both sides. If they proposed the no contact rule, they don’t necessarily intend to come back, which you should respect. They might also block you everywhere and delete your number. 

3. They uttered those painful hard words

Did your ex finish your relationship by stating that it was over between you two for good? Those words are hurtful and painful to digest. It is right to respect their decision if they don’t want you in their life.  

4. They’ve moved on

 Regardless of your ex dating one or several people seriously, then it is a big hint that they have moved on, and you should too. It doesn’t mean that you weren’t special; it is only that your phase in their life ended, and you need to move on sadly. 

5. You’re friend-zoned

You can exit your relationship, but they only consider you as a friend, an acquaintance perhaps. They don’t consider the time and affection you had, so they refer to you as an old friend without feelings too. 

6. They talk badly of you

That’s the worst-case scenario after a breakup. Your love, affection, and goodness are better spent somewhere else because you shouldn’t get back to such a person. Negative energy is wrong, and if they do so, they are trying to blame you for the breakup. For the sake of your peace, leave them because they will only hurt you. 

7. You didn’t learn anything from the breakup

Regardless of the outcome, if you didn’t learn anything, it was a waste of precious time. Do not make tragic mistakes trying to get somebody new. Also, don’t view the relationship as the most drastic thing that has ever happened to you. 

8. The dynamics haven’t changed between you two

Should you have altered nothing about how you have been interacting with your ex, that significantly indicates time wastage. Face it; your ex wouldn’t like to come back to the same situation that they left. 

In case they get back, and the dynamics haven’t changed, then expect another breakup.  

What If They Don’t Come Back After No Contact?

If your once-beloved now-ex says that they don’t need you, is heart wrecking. All the memories and love shared, but they don’t care anymore about it. You feel crushed and hopeless. It is arduous when you still love your ex, but there are some unresolved issues between you two.

No contact rule helps both cases, but the primary intention of doing it is to see if things can work out. It is noteworthy that everybody and all relationships differ.

If no-contact rule didn’t bring back your ex, don’t feel distressed. You should try to forget them and do things that you love. You may feel depressed but try hard to move on in life. Besides, that is the sole meaning of life-moving on regardless, right? 

What To Do When Your Ex Don’t Come Back After No Contact?

So now that you have known the signs that they won’t come back, what next? When you fail in getting your ex back, you should leave things as they are and not force things or talk about rekindling the lost love.

Here are the five best things you can do after you realize your ex won’t come back:

  1. Avoid social media
  2. Do everything you enjoy and prioritize you
  3. Establish boundaries and take time apart
  4. Consider asking for help
  5. If they have moved out of your house, don’t leave

1. Avoid social media

Take some time away from being online on social media after your breakup. Doing so ascertains that your mood won’t sour up into perfect couple pictures or, even worse, all your photos together. Also, social media tends to create a platform for unhealthy fixations and stalking and passive bullying opportunities.  

2. Do everything you enjoy and prioritize yourself

Meditation, yoga, sports, or just anything to deter you from thinking about your ex will help. Love yourself and take care of yourself because you are essential at the end of the day. You will get a lot of free time after breaking up to do things you fancy. Therefore it is witty to utilize these moments into building yourself positively.

You could read books, perform gardening, travel, or even learn a new language. By doing so, you will ease the process of healing up. You can also express your feelings to your friend or sibling whom you trust to ease the pain. However, it would be best if you didn’t wallow in these heavy emotions. Live your life to the fullest- simple! 

3. Establish boundaries and take time apart

After the breakup, curb any chances of bumping into each other, mostly if you stay in the same place or know several similar people to them. By stipulating clear boundaries can ease the breakup. It’s sometimes easy to avoid crossing paths with an ex-partner after a breakup. 

But if you live in a small town or know many similar people, you might have a more challenging time completely separating your lives. Therefore it is wise to stay away from these friends who remind you of your ex.

4. Consider asking for help

Your family and friends can support you if you feel lonely and helpless. You may also reach out to an experienced relationship therapist to guide you on the way to live the best of you. Breakups are expected, and the pain that follows the aftermath should be healed. 

5. If they’ve moved out of your house, don’t leave your home

If you had a live-in ex, separation brings forth different types of challenges. When they move out, the apartment or house will feel different and lonely. However, you shouldn’t leave too. You can revamp the space because it is a cheaper feasible option. You can beautifully remodel it and make it the start of something new. 

It would be best if you did not throw up your precious mementos like pictures, gifts, et al. Put them somewhere you don’t have to see them. If their belongings were left behind, after no contact period, inform them of their belongings. It is not right to throw them away. 

Why Do They Come Back After No Contact?

Life, in specific ways, may bring back your ex intently to kick start things again. Confusion and distress may set in because you may be unprepared, and perhaps you were trying to forget your ex. If that’s the case, one party keeps naturally wondering why their ex came back. 

So why should your ex come back after all? Your ex may come back if their new rebound relationship isn’t working or if they need your attention and are desperate after no contact period. They may also need validation and affection that they didn’t get anywhere else after your breakup. 

1.  No-Contact Rule Worked

Your ex may come back after thinking that you cannot forget them. Using the no contact rule makes them remember you strongly. 

To break it down for you, the no contact rule is inclusive of no: 

  • Calls
  • Texts
  • Facebook messages
  • Tweets
  • Snapchats
  • Accidental or coincidental ways of meeting up
  • Responding if they contact
  • Stalking in any way.

The No Contact Rule always works magic to get ex’s back.  

2. Envy

People tend to be jealous when you elevate in life. Hence your ex may feel like they’ll lose a crucial thing that they possess. What they expect is you missing and calling them. They want you to feel like you can’t continue with life without them. 

3. Women tend to be possessive

What do women do after a breakup and you rebound with another? Some women tend to come back precisely when their ex moves on hence making them over possessive. Your ex-girlfriend may feel like she was the reason for the breakup and start regretting when you seem happier.  

4. Men are sometimes not emotionally stable

As a girl, you may anxiously wonder if your boyfriend will come back to you at last after so long. Undeniably some men start to miss when they’re alone. If your boyfriend depended on you for emotional support, that could be the main reason for their return.  According to a study, Security is crucial in a relationship and makes people live better lives. 

5. It is naturally Human 

It is expected that fond lovers who broke up find it so hard to forget each other despite the outcome. Such people only rebound to get a comforting shoulder and nothing else; thus, you can expect a reunion in this case. 

6. They’re Lonely

Loneliness eats up your soul. Your ex might miss having you as their partner in crime because they’re now doing everything alone. It is palpable. It is even more painful compared to the initial breakup. They come back because adjusting to life as a single is difficult, and they can’t take it anymore. 

7. They want self-worth confirmation

Your ex may come back because they need confirmation of feeling loved, or rather worthy of interest. In our society, a relationship is highly valued, and being single can never be considered cool hence making people uncomfortable. Besides, your ex could come back solely because their identity was recognizable with you only. 

8. They realized they made a Huge Mistake

Should you still be doubtful why your ex is coming back, then it is wise to give them a second chance. Nonetheless, be wary when using this immersion methodology by protecting your heart. 

It isn’t straightforward to get back even for a day. Ascertain that you consider their reasons for coming back. Should they seem alone or have no identity without you, it is best to separate because you are human, not an emotional support bot. 

9. Insufficient Alternatives

It is noteworthy that dating is not a smooth process, per se. It is sometimes frustrating, lonely, creepy, and burdensome too. Should your ex stay in a minute district or place, or perhaps don’t have a big social circle, then they tend to come back. This is after realizing that you may be the only or best option. Besides, low self-esteem or even bad luck in dating or previous relationships make them come back. 

How Long Does It Take For An Ex To Come Back After No Contact?

So how long does it take for an ex to come back after no contact? The usual time length your ex will get back is about 1 to 4 months.  This is true for the couples who have stayed long-term in a relationship. If you handled the break up well, and utilized the contact rule, expect them to come back in 6 weeks. Here is a more detailed answer. 

At times, no contact is sufficient and will prompt your ex to come back within a week when you ignore them. That is a perfect case scenario. You may be prompted to flirt, meet up, and build your attraction to alter your ex’s mindset about the breakup. 

Nonetheless, if you weren’t serious or rather were dating for some time, then the odds here are unlikely to succeed quickly. But if both were serious and dated for more than 6months, you can save the capsizing boat in 4 weeks. 

 If your breakup was not chic or one of you screwed up badly, then you have 6 to 9 weeks to reset your ex’s emotions and rebuild attraction again. The best way to get everything back is using reverse psychology on them. When they dumped you, remember they felt low value or perhaps didn’t feel logically better with you. Use that to your advantage, and they will feel like you don’t care, and they will come back. 

How Often Do Exes Come Back After No Contact?

You can expect your ex to reach out to you 90.7% after successful no contact. 

According to some studies, the chances of your ex coming back is 44%, while experts state that it is 40%. However, you can set up this percentile to 65% by how best you handle the break up and no contact. 

Also, that will depend on the situation, marital status, and age too. A relationship is always a 50/50 situation. This means that the dysfunction and health of your relationship must be attributed to all of you equally. A permanent and robust relationship is wholly dependent on the union’s wellbeing. 

Sadly one party can destroy by being infidel, addictive, and or other personal issues. Therefore it is healthy and wise to evaluate your getting back relationship to know if there are changes that you can do to better the rekindled relationship. 

Do Exes Always Come Back After No Contact?  

No, they don’t always come back. The success rate of them coming back is 44%. That success rate by itself is also dependent on how well you performed the no contact talk and if they’ve still got some feelings.  

A breakup is the worst thing you can feel after a long time of being together because of separation and anxiety. As mentioned earlier, no- contact is crucial in such a case for your right too. 

However, it would be best to consider some factors to determine your ex’s rate coming back: 

  1. How long both of you were together
  2. How you separated
  3. How serious were you all
  4. The capability of handling future uncertainties
  5. Geography in regards to long-distance
  6. What you did to rekindle your love and get your ex back
  7. What type of ex were they
  8. The reason why you broke up in the first place
  9. Did you hurt each other
  10. The post-breakup mistakes done

More often than not, they will unequivocally come back. Some comebacks even lead to permanent relationships courtesy of no contact. Here are some real-life Quora examples of people who utilized the no contact rule and succeeded in getting their ex back. Have a look at them. 

Example: 1 (Source)

ex came back after no contact

Example: 2

ex come back after no contact


No contact rule can help you get back your ex and even rekindle everything up all over again, making it a permanent relationship. It would help if you did not use it only to get your ex back but to rebuild yourself and become emotionally stable without them. It is with due hope that this guide will help you in your relationship. 

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