How to Deal With a Disrespectful Wife? [3 Solutions]

Do you feel like your wife is a ticking bomb, and somehow you always end up being the trigger? Because you never know when something you say or do will tick her off and send her into a burning rage? It’s been going on for a while, and now you are impossibly close to losing your mind.

Hence, here you are, looking for an antidote for your wife’s perpetual sour mood. Well, I have got three words for you, or as I like to call them, the three-Ds (3Ds)

Disengage, delve in and deal! 

Deal With Disrespectful Wife

The 3D-Solution Explained

Whenever your wife is having her usual outburst of anger, do not engage with her, walk out of the room, or drink a glass of cold water to calm your seething nerves. When you have settled down, do a little detective work and try to figure out why your better half is so bitter all the time. And once you have the answer, come up with a solution to your wife’s constant anger and deal with this blight on your relationship.

Before I give you a more detailed walk-through of my coping mechanism (aka the 3Ds) of dealing with an insolent wife, let’s first understand what it is like to have such a partner.

Aside from the constant jitters in your tummy telling you to be at your best behavior at all times and to do everything right for the wife or else all hell will break loose, there are many other obvious signs of having a rude better half.

1. She Is Never Happy With You

So, you brought her donuts from Krispy Kreme because you had once heard her mentioning it to someone that she loves the ooey-gooey round goodness served there. 

You thought seeing the rectangular green-dotted box full of donuts would make her happy, but you were oh-so-wrong. Because she didn’t like the gesture, in fact, she blew you off for not supporting her in her weight loss journey.  

But wait a minute

 Isn’t she the one who is always complaining about how you never do anything meaningful for her? Then why and how exactly your thoughtfulness turned out to be so unthoughtful? Well, pal, because your wife doesn’t respect you enough to appreciate what you do for her.  

2. She Loves Insulting You, Especially In Front Of Others

Oh, he doesn’t know how to do it.

He wouldn’t know the difference.

He can be such a child at times; it’s exhausting!

If you are familiar with the statements shared above, then you must find yourself at the receiving end of your wife’s jibes and swipes quite often. 

Rude spouses love to undermine their partners, especially when around friends and family. Why is that? Nobody knows for sure, but it could be because they are unhappy with their partners or they are struggling with some emotional or mental distress of their own.

Even if that is the case with your wife, and she is going through a hard time, she should confide in you instead of shutting you out and making a spectacle of you every chance she gets. 

A frequent flurry of jabs on your personality from your wife is a pretty obvious indication that she doesn’t respect you.

3. She Flirts With Other Men In Front Of You

Giggling at the most absurd jokes cracked by the most unbecoming men or getting a little too cozy with said men right in front of you is your wife’s way of telling you that she anything but respects you.

If your wife is blatantly flirting with strangers right in front of your eyes, it should be clear as day to you that she wants to rile you up. If that weren’t the case, what would she achieve from disregarding you so openly and making such unnecessary, playful advances towards other men? 

Any woman who respects her husband would never brush him aside. If anything, she would do everything in her power to ensure that her spouse is valued in society, which is only possible if she herself leads by example.

If your wife is not concerned with how her over-friendliness with strangers in social gatherings will affect your standing in your social circle, she doesn’t care about you or your reputation whatsoever.

4. She Doesn’t Really Talk To You

When was the last time you and your wife talked uninhibitedly for hours on end? If you have to scour through your memories to answer this question, your marriage is not as blissful as you thought. 

A happily married couple loves to chat with one another without ceremony. And that’s how it should be. Spouses should talk to each other as often as possible because that’s a testament to a healthy, happy marriage. 

But if you don’t talk to your wife often, and not because you both are awfully busy but because she doesn’t like spending time with you, then sir, oh sir, you have got a problem!

A loving and respecting wife would always be interested in conversing with her husband, having a heart-to-heart as frequently as possible. 

5. She Shoots Down Anything You Say Without A Minute’s Thought

Disagreeing with someone occasionally is expected because that’s how humans interact. Sometimes they accept a differing opinion, while other times, they reject it. It’s a two-way street. But not with your wife, it isn’t.

If the structure of conversation (whatever little of it) between you and your spouse is something like this, 

You say something; she negates it.

You express an opinion; she rebuffs it.

You plan something; she walks all over it.

Then, I am confused as to why you couldn’t figure out yet that your wife doesn’t respect you. 

6. She Never Informs You About Her Plans

Let’s clear one thing, a wife doesn’t need to ask for her husband’s permission to make plans, but she should inform him so that he is at least aware of his spouse’s whereabouts. It’s pretty much part of common courtesy to notify the people you live with about your plans for the day.

But you come home, exhausted after a hectic day, and your spouse isn’t home. The house is a mess; there is no note on the fridge or anywhere else for that matter.  You call her, and it goes straight to voicemail.

If this is a regular occurrence in your life, then it’s time for you to call a spade for a spade. You must realize now that your wife doesn’t respect you as a husband or even just someone she lives under the same roof. 

 I know reading through all the signs of a disrespectful wife must be painful if you can relate to them. But now that you are through them let’s look at possible solutions.  

How To Deal With A Disrespectful Wife?

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of how you should deal with a disrespectful spouse. 

Don’t Respond – Don’t Feed Her Rage

If your wife is going on and on about how you are a terrible husband and that you don’t love her don’t entertain her baseless accusations.

Let her vent out all her anger because if you let her get under your skin, things will only get worse for you too. Unless you are planning to divorce your wife, you shouldn’t engage with your wife when she’s having one of her ‘episodes.’

Try Talking To Her

I know this advice seems a little too naïve, but I am not asking you to talk to your spouse when she’s throwing the most hurtful remarks at you because that will get you nowhere. 

What I want you to do is have an honest discussion with your wife once she has cooled off and can process words like a stable human being. 

Ask her if she genuinely hates you so much that just your sight ticks her off. If that’s not the case, then ask her what’s wrong with her? Why is she always in such a bad mood? 

For the sake of being positive, I choose to believe that your wife will pour her heart out to you if she sees a heartfelt concern and sincerity for her in your eyes. But if your attempts to have a civil conversation with your spouse go in vain every single time, then perhaps, you need to consider ending your marriage. 

Consider getting professional help

However, if it turns out that something is bothering your wife or that she has anger management issues, get her help. Take her to a therapist or psychiatrist and continuously remind her that you are there for her and that you both are together in this. This reassurance from your side will tremendously help your wife and your marriage.

So, What Is It?

Do you think your wife is just an ill-mannered individual who doesn’t know how to be kind to others? Or do you suppose she must be dealing with something to have been acting so rashly? Either way, now you should know what you need to do to save your marriage and your sanity!