How to Get Your Husband to Respect You (13 Quick Solutions!)

It is not uncommon for wives to complain about how disrespectful their husbands are.

They do not help in household chores; they talk smack about their wives behind their backs; the wives are always considered to be at fault for anything that goes wrong.

These women grieve the idea that they have given everything to their husbands, and in return, only expect to be treated right and loved.

Even though it might be hard to admit, but sometimes, there is a minor solution to this major problem, and that solution lies within.

13 Solutions To Get Respect From Your Husband:

Here are some steps on how to get your husband to respect you and strengthen your bond with him.

1. Admit That You Could Be Wrong

Seeing a person refuse to admit their mistakes can be frustrating for any person. You cannot be right on every count, and, if you think you are, it might cause your husband to stop respecting you.

It is one thing to have a different opinion to your partner’s; it is another to completely undermine his view on every occasion. If you think you have been making this mistake, all you need to do is let this attitude go. We are all imperfect, and our imperfections are what make us perfect.

2. Prioritize Your Husband Over Other People

You might not see it that way but putting other people before your husband will make him think that you are disrespecting him.

For instance, your husband is returning home on a Friday night. After a long week of work, he is planning to spend the night watching a movie for you. However, he makes his way inside only to see you heading in the opposite direction for a dinner night with friends.

From your perspective, you are just going out to have a good time with your friends. From his perspective, though, you are prioritizing your friends over your husband. If you consistently put other people over him, he will see this as a sign of chronic disrespect, causing him to reciprocate this behavior.

3. Stop Assuming The Worst

It is not wrong to expect your husband to know what you want and feel. After all, he probably is the closest person in your life and is supposed to understand you. But know that there are times when men are dealing with a lot of other stressors in life, ranging from work problems to self-esteem issues.

Under such circumstances, they might fail to get those subtle hints or clues. Do not assume that your husband is knowingly ignoring your wishes; there is a far better chance that he is merely clueless.

4. Communicate With Your Man

Speak up. Be specific about what you want. For example, “Honey, I plan to spend this evening reading a book. Can you spend a couple of hours with the kids when you get home?” If you are still not getting what you want (or getting something you do not want), at least you would know it is not out of a lack of expression.

The key is never to let your husband say, “You never told me.” Of course, it is just as important to pay attention and listen to him when he is talking to you. Not doing so will, once again, be seen as disrespectful by your husband, compelling him to return the favor.

5. Understand His Range of Emotional Expression

If you are someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, you will probably expect your husband to do the same. You want him to be vocal about how much he loves you, but he struggles to match your expressiveness.

Pressurizing him to express his emotions will not help much because, at the end of the day, that is just not his forte. Instead, forcing him to do something he is not comfortable with will drive him away further and might cause him to stop respecting you.

He loves you, but he might not have frequent grand gestures to show that love. So, you should try and notice his affection in the little things that he does for you and love him for who he is.

6. Make Him See the Connection Between Your Happiness and His

Getting your husband’s respect will make you happy, but you need to show him how it will also be the cause of his happiness. Make a list of all the benefits your husband will get as a result of your happiness. Now, do not get me wrong – this is not a bribe for your husband to start respecting you.

Instead, this is simply about making him aware of the natural positive outcomes that emerge from an improved relationship. An example of such a benefit could be that his respect would lead you to trust him more, which will mean that you will be less controlling of him. Or, when he respects you, you will be more inclined to join him in stuff that he enjoys doing.

7. Make Sure You Are Not Trying Too Hard for Things That He Does NOT Want

You love your husband, and you want to communicate this to him. However, is it possible that you are using the incorrect love language to send this message? Maybe he wants you to cook dinner with him rather than for him? To speak the right love language, you first need to understand the love language that your loved one understands.

Figure out what your husband wants, his likes and dislikes, and what kind of a person he is. In fact, this is important, whether it is about your husband, your children, your relatives, or your friends. Understand that no two people have the same needs or wants.

8. Do Not Associate Your Husband with Your Past Cheating Partners

Being betrayed by your previous boyfriends or husbands can cause wounds that are painful and deep. And it is highly possible that you are carrying that past baggage on your current journey. Your previous unhappy experiences might have forced you to form stereotypes about men.

If you start assuming that your husband is cheating on you or is just a matter of time before he starts, you will obviously be reluctant to trust and respect him. And, if you disrespect him, you cannot expect him to respect you. Know that not every man is the same, and do not let your past cloud over your present.

9. Challenge Him

It is no secret that anything that becomes too easy to get, loses value. So, one way to get your husband to keep respecting you is by making him work hard for what he wants. It does not mean that you should play too hard to get, but it is a good idea to get him to sweat a bit for something he is desperate for.

This playful vibe will keep your marriage fun and enjoyable and will even lead to greater intimacy between the two of you. In order to respect you, your husband must want more of you, and neither of those things will happen if you make yourself too available at all times. Show him that you are a priceless treasure that he is not getting his hands on until he puts in some real effort. The moment you become predictable and easy is the moment you also become monotonous, and that monotony might cause your husband to lose his interest in and respect for you.

Remember, You Are His Equal

Every single person is worthy of respect, and in this article, I tried to highlight some ways that you can earn your husband’s respect and improve your marriage. However, if you think that you are doing everything that needs to be done but are still not getting your well-deserved respect, it might be time to question whether you are in the right relationship at all.

Open up to him about how you feel, but if he is not listening to you or does not care, then you are not obligated to stick around with a selfish husband. Indeed, you are your husband’s equal, and you should not allow yourself to be treated as anything less. However, if you have faith that your husband loves you and you matter to him, it is essential that you try to fight for your relationship and give it a chance.